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    翠 三野見

    GENDER: Female
    RACE: Humanoid yokai
    AGE: At least 600 human years; exact age unknown (appears 25-30)
    DATE OF BIRTH: April 26
    MIDORI'S DAY: March 16

    CLASS: Superior oathkeeper yokai
    ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral

    DESCRIPTION: 6' tall with average build. Deep blue eyes and waist-length light brown hair. Commonly wears a long skirt and a dark-green coat.

    PERSONALITY: Midori does not rely on conventional logic and occasionally seems rather batty, but behind this goofy facade lies a patient and calculating mind backed by centuries of wisdom and experience. As an oathkeeper yokai, she highly values honesty and trust, and those who do not will find her an enemy quickly made.

    Spoiler: Power Ratings (listed by difficulty)
    • Normal: 25/A
    • Hard: 27/A
    • Lunatic: 30/A+
    • Finality (Superior yokai only): 36/S

    Spoiler: Abilities
    PRIMARY: Can determine, control and manipulate probabilities; gains power through promises made and kept

    Spoiler: Spell Cards
    • Luck Sign [Illusive Trick Shot]: Fires a wide swath of small shots toward the target, which bounce off of solid surfaces at random angles; difficulty determines size of swath, shot speed
    • Improbability [Separation Anxiety]: Predicts and alters probability of target's position, making it possible to strike target through time; one bullet can appear in many places at once; difficulty determines types of bullets fired, number of multiples
    • Cheap Trick [Altered Ratio]: Constricts target to small area of constantly-changing dimensions, severely hindering maneuvers; difficulty determines size limit, frequency of dimension change
    • Oath to the Beggar: Fires a multitude of ring-shaped bullets whose strike area alternates between the ring area and the hole area; difficulty determines number of bullets, frequency of strike area alternation
    • Oath to the Sentinel: Creates a durable wall of bullets and begins a countdown; if bullet wall remains unbroken when countdown ends, target is instantly defeated; difficulty determines durability, density of bullets
    • Calculation [Fail-Safe Gambit] (TIMED SPELL): Hides away while firing walls of bullets; difficulty determines frequency of walls, density of bullets, duration of spell
    • Oath to the Homeland: Traps target in place while firing bullets, requiring target to deflect/reflect shots; difficulty determines frequency of bullets
    • Oath to the Forsaken (TIMED SPELL): Shrouds battlefield in darkness, requiring target to use senses other than sight to predict and dodge bullets; difficulty determines speed, frequency of bullets, duration of spell
    • Falsehood [Out-of-Body Experience] (TIMED SPELL): Swaps control between user's body and target's body and summons mine shots; difficulty determines duration of spell, number of mines, speed of possessed target, speed of possessed user
    • Oath to the Beloved: Summons an established Yokai of the Nexus at random to use enhanced non-spell shot patterns in tandem with user's pattern; difficulty determines frequency of summons
    • Oath to the World: Commands worldly powers to attack target from all angles; difficulty determines frequency, effects of commands
    • LUNATIC/FINALITY ONLY: Anti-Matter [Undefined Prime]: Bombards surrounding area with a rapid, random barrage of volatile, explosive bullets
    • LUNATIC/FINALITY ONLY: Killer Sign [Grim Prognosis]: Condemns target to defeat in three seconds; inflicting damage to user prolongs target's life
    • LUNATIC/FINALITY ONLY: Oath to the Self: Summons an orbiting array of bullets and rushes target at high speed
    • FINALITY ONLY: Empty Oath: ---EFFECT UNKNOWN--- (No one has ever forced Midori to use her Finality Card)

    LAST WORD: Impossible Magic [Juncture of All Existence]: Summons powers from alternate universes to rain down upon target(s); power, variety, frequency, chance to hit increase severely with damage dealt to user

    HISTORY: Arrived in the Nexus after being ejected from her world in a whirlwind of violent magic. Though it's unclear if she's an elder yokai, like Sanji, she has incredible magical talent and is widely considered one of the most powerful beings in Other-Gensokyo. Rumor has it that she used her control over probabilities to separate her world from its precursor. Another rumor states that she once had a very intimate relationship with Sanji Genkiro, although this claim remains unconfirmed...

    Theme of Midori Miyami: Celldweller - Unlikely (Stay With Me)
    Theme of Two-Faced Oathkeeper: Devil in the Details ~ Little White Lie (original)
    Theme of Last Word: Against All Odds (original)
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