Ferrum, Cyborg Satyr Warden
The pixie sees one eye seem to zoom in and out, staring at her, and the "thing" smiles, "Heh, no. Look at me, do I look like a scout to you, little one? My name is Ferrum, now, and I am what you might call a "brain-child" made by XCOM. But we can get to that later.....right now it would behoove us to find anyone else who might have survived and get under some cover. Those X-D bastards might be back sooner than we would like. Let me help you to look for some more survivors."

Ferrum intertwines his fingers and "cracks" his knuckles, a habit left over from before, and starts lifting up and moving pieces of the wreckage to try and find more survivors. He seems to left things with relative ease and continues to talk to the other two, "So to explain a little more, this is not my original body, as you may have guessed. I was once a fey creature much like yourself, little pixie, that lived in the forest with my people, Satyrs. I am a warden of the forest, a protector, and I wanted to keep it protected from these invaders. So I went and volunteered with the army. I got my training and got out into the battles. I had only been in a few battles when my squad got a little surprise from our enemy. The X-D's left a present in our camp, a bomb, and right as we were waking and all moving about, it exploded. Everyone died, except for myself......"

Ferrum trails off and stops lifting for a moment, lost in thought, "But I was not myself anymore. I lose most of my body and know not how I survived, but XCOM found me and decided to try something. With my consent, we will see if that was a wise decision or not, they did to me what you see. Using their magics, alchemy, and parts made of iron from blacksmiths they fashioned this body you see. Though, there are parts inside of me that I am not even sure what are. But I am alive and able to fight the m$#&@ #$%@#$ers who killed my squad and destroyed my body." Ferrum stops again and looks at the other two, his green eye turning red, "They will be sorry that they didn't kill me.....I will make sure of it."