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    Spako's Harrow Deck of Many Things

    This is mostly a self-reference, as I use an RNG for this and the cards are not numbered. Card effects that require participation by other players will always be context-sensitive and should be worked out OoC before deciding to use them, or, more likely, will simply be changed while keeping the original themes. Many of these are simply the D&D version without any mention of stats.

    Reference# Name Effect
    1 The Avalanche Sets off an earthquake, petrifies character for 1 hour. Suppressed: only small quake
    2 The Bear The character becomes a werebear. May be accompanied by a mental shift towards brute force solutions. Changes' Trigger and exact mechanics determined by player. Suppressed: Curse fades if character can avoid changing for one week
    3 The Beating The character is less able to defend themselves. Alternatively, may find themselves prone to bad luck (requires OoC participation). Suppressed: only lasts for 24 hours
    4 The Betrayal Character will be betrayed, fooled, or conned by some other character or NPC, with significant results. If none available, automatically Suppressed: minor betrayal, such as being conned or fooled by something's appearance with negative results (mistaking a speck for a poisonous spider)
    5|The Big Sky| The character cannot be held against his/her will by any mundane bindings or magic restrictions that require touch (such as magic webs or entangling plants). Suppressed: The character gains a mundane talent for escape artistry, but can still be foiled by magic, complex locks or very thick bindings.
    6| The Brass Dwarf| The character gains immunity to damage from: Extreme heat and fire, Extreme Cold, Electricity, Acid, Poisons, metals. Also gains a serious weakness to one of the others. Suppressed: Resistance instead of immunity, weakness is less severe
    7|The Carnival| One card is redrawn. Only affects the Carnival if no other cards were drawn. Cannot be suppressed.
    8|The Courtesan|A favorite item or non-sentient companion of the character becomes intelligent and capable of speech. Suppressed: the item gains a will of its own but not true intelligence. If a creature, it becomes smarter but not intelligent.
    9|The Cricket| Character can choose to draw up to 3 cards. Each one drawn makes the character more quick and agile. Suppressed: Only 1 extra draw possible
    10|The Crows| A valuable of the character is soon stolen by a talented thief. If character is particularly destitute, it instead summons a crow to harass and steal from him/her for several days. Suppressed: character will find themselves beset by normal NPC thieves, and can be more easily evaded
    11|The Cyclone|Character becomes part Air Elemental. They can fly, but are unable to stay on the ground. Tornado-for-legs optional. Suppressed: Strong winds kick up around character for one full day in the most annoying times possible, making walking or flying difficult, blowing debris at them, or messing up clothes when important people walk by
    12|The Dance | Character becomes a master of some rhythmic art. Suppressed: character becomes merely "talented" instead
    13|The Demon's Lantern| A gem appears and sucks the character's soul into it. Its destruction kills the character, while subsequent death will send their consciousness into it as well, alive but unable to move or speak without being held. Strong Resurrection-type magic can restore the soul to its body or revive the character from the gem. Suppressed: Character will receive terrible advice or directions next time they ask for some.
    14|The Desert| Character can teleport to any non-hidden location once, bringing up to 1 ton in goods and up to 10 other people. Suppressed: maximum 100 miles, can only bring self and 100 pounds of clothes/gear
    15|The Fiend|A powerful (N)PC demon suddenly knows about and hates the character, and will attempt to harm them. Alternatively, the character will soon do something to seriously anger a demonic/daemonic/hellish PC (must be worked OoC, obviously) Suppressed: the next demon/fiend the character meets will find them strangely irritating, likely enough to cause trouble.
    16|The Foreign Trader|The Foreign Trader Appears! He trades years of life for any material good imaginable, although a decade is usually the minimum price. Reroll if character is immortal. Years spent cannot be restored unless character is completely reincarnated. Suppressed: the Trader offers only his Bargain Bin items.
    17|The Forge| One possession becomes one other item of equal value, chosen by character. If undesired, can choose Suppressed result. Suppressed: character receives one well-made but common metal item of their choice.
    18|The Eclipse| Character becomes completely nocturnal and feels weaker in daylight. Switch if already nocturnal. Physical features may slowly change to fit new lifestyle. Suppressed: Character gets insomnia that proves difficult to shake
    19|The Empty Throne| Character suddenly inherits a noble title and a large estate from a previously unknown relative, friendly NPC, lottery, etc. Suppressed: character will soon come across a decent amount of money (several hundred whatevers) in an unlikely place.
    20|The Hidden Truth| The character can gain the answer to any question, riddle, or puzzle, once. Suppressed: they gain only a hint.
    21|The Idiot| The character becomes mentally duller in every respect. Alternatively, character becomes extremely gullible. Suppressed: the character's judgment becomes clouded and questionable for 2 days
    22|The Inquisitor| The character can force another to tell the truth to a single question, once. Victim is compelled to give a decent answer. If they do not know or believe a falsehood, it is wasted. Suppressed: victim is not compelled to give a decent answer, and can give an answer that is true but not helpful or insightful.
    23|The Joke| Character must select a friend (or closest thing). Three cards are drawn and shown. The friend must pick one and take the effect, and the character picks one of the remaining. Neither know the exact effect, but may know whether or not they are beneficial. Friend need not be nearby or understand what's going on.
    24|The Juggler| Character must swap a current talent for another (this includes physical or mental aptitudes) of equal magnitude for one week. (he can swap his intelligence with physical power, talent at smithing with talent at thievery, etc) suppressed: the effect lasts for only one hour
    25|The Keep| Character gains their own personal pocket-dimension roughly the size of a small estate with whatever they desire in a proper home (but not excess wealth), along with the power to get there. suppressed: character gains a small but comfortable property, already stocked and decorated with what they find tasteful
    26|The Liar|A valuable of the character's becomes cursed! Context-sensitive suppressed: a tool or item of the character's will malfunction once.
    27|The Locksmith| Character can open any lock or barrier, once. suppressed: power only applies to actual, non-magic locks
    28|The Lost| The character disappears, and wakes up somewhere else in a body radically different from their current one. This new body will resist any attempts to be shapeshifted into anything that looks more like the original. Suppressed: People will not notice or recognize the character for several days, requiring them to prove their identity and presence constantly.
    29|The Marriage| A nearby attractive (N)PC of a different species but of the character's preferred gender immediately falls in love with him/her and will propose marriage within a day. If the offer is declined or the vows are broken, the character is cursed into a member of their heartbroken lover's species. suppressed: the (N)PC merely asks the character out, curse merely makes compels character to feel guilty
    30|The Midwife|The character becomes extremely fertile, and will have children with any partner unless protected. Any child of theirs will be born in extremely good health, without any risk to them or the mother.
    31|The Mountain Man| Character doubles in size (whether proportions stay the same is up to player). Clothing does not shift. suppressed: character grows six inches in height, with a proportional increase in weight. Clothing still doesn't change.
    32|The Mute Hag| Character becomes blind, deaf, or mute (chosen randomly) Alternatively: a well-kept secret of the character's becomes a well-known rumor. suppressed: effect lasts only 3 days
    33|The Owl| The character can scry (see a vision of) any person or place, once. suppressed: power only works within 100 miles, must be used within 24 hours.
    34|The Paladin|The character gains the service of a loyal knight for one year who will obey the character completely as long as they do not break his code of honor. suppressed: the knight stays for only a week.
    35| The Peacock| The character takes on an appearance that they would find ugly, but is extremely attractive to some others. suppressed: character can reverse the effect after one week. They can choose not to, but the choice cannot be undone.
    36|The Publican| One card of the character's choice has its effect negated. If the Publican was the only card drawn, draw again. The character can ignore their first Draw if they don't like the result, but must take the next. Cannot be suppressed.
    37|The Queen Mother| Two ant-people appear to serve the character. They protect and help the character, but do not necessarily understand them. They cannot speak, but understand telepathy and most insect languages. Suppressed: the followers are merely dog-sized ants, but while much less intelligent are already trained about as well as an average dog.
    38|The Rabbit Prince| Character becomes a master swashbuckler, but only when acting heroically or dramatically. Cannot be suppressed. Alternatively, skills act all the time but character gains lagomorph traits they find themselves too proud of to hide, but most will find ridiculous looking.
    39|The Rakshasa|Anytime the character purposefully lies or deceives another character, they turn into a random animal for 1 hour. Suppressed: they gain only the animal's head (scaled for size) and can still speak.
    40|The Sickness| The character gains a serious but not fatal or contagious illness. It cannot be cured, although its symtoms can be treated with medicine or magic. Suppressed: the character contracts a mundane disease, which behaves normally save for that it is not contagious.
    41|The Snakebite|The character poisons anyone who touches them for 1 month. suppressed: The effect lasts a week, and requires touching bare skin.
    42|The Survivor| The character will automatically resurrect somewhere safe if killed, once. suppressed: character will instantly heal their next serious but non-fatal injury.
    43|The Tangled Briar| Plants find the character's presence hostile, either not growing at all near them or growing sharp thorns and nettles if within 100 feet of them for more than a few hours. Suppressed: effect lasts only two weeks.
    44|The Teamster| The character is offered a lucrative opportunity, usually a job. If no PCs or NPCs can offer, character can draw up to 3 times, ignoring 1 card's effect. Cannot be suppressed, subject to context.
    45|The Theater| Character can mimic one ability or attribute (ex. their physical strength or quickness, or their ability to throw knives, or their knowledge of exotic bottlecaps) from someone nearby. Cannot mimic spells, although can ask for latent spellcasting ability. Suppressed: only allows partial mimicry, not equal to the original.
    46|The Trumpet| Character can summon a minor celestial or fiend (depends on character's mindset, cannot be changed) once every 3 days, which serve loyally for 1 hour. Suppressed: this ability only works once
    47|The Twin| The character is genderswapped. Suppressed: at any point after 24 hours, character can undo the effect.
    48|The Tyrant| Character is compelled to obey the first person to give them a command. Suppressed: they obey only that first command.
    49|The Unicorn| The character can undo any injury or personal misfortune (losing a valuable, or similar accidents that don't affect other PC's) on a person, once. Suppressed: can only reverse something that happened to them
    50|The Uprising| Several drunk NPCs begin following the character around for the rest of the day, insisting that they're "with him/her" despite any and all protests. They try to be helpful, but are probably too drunk. suppressed: it's only one NPC.
    51|The Vision| The character gains two visions about something they want to know. Only one is true.(this is the normal effect. Since it requires OoC participation, it will be likely be subject to context often)
    52|The Wanderer| The character can choose between one expensive magical item, or everything necessary to become a merchant of their choice in goods, including merchandise, suppliers, a cart, and a pack animal. They can choose to take a form capable of pulling the cart themselves for MAXIMUM efficiency. Suppressed: the item or supplies are of lesser quality.
    53|The Waxworks| An exact clone of the character appears within 20 miles, who hates the original's guts and generally have an opposing mindset.
    54|The Winged Serpent| Character is granted one wish. The wish always gives what the character wants and with minimal unforeseen drawbacks, but the exact effect may be unexpected if not worded specifically. Suppressed: the wish has a limited level of effect, although can still at least partially grant most requests.
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