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Thread: X-COM: The Fourth Dimension IC (D&D 4E)

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    Khitan Godspeaker, Deva Invoker

    When Khitan comes back to itself, he realizes where he is and for a second he thinks "Am I in a afterlife plane?" But, then, his vision starts to regain focus and he realizes that he is in a wreck and all come to mind, the crash, the screams and the fire...

    Khitan's mind immediately goes to Raven Queen, knowing that it was fate that he was alive and the other - some of his teammates maybe? - are dead, he then make a small pray for the Raven Queen, not thanking or anything, just asking safe passage to the afterlife for his deceased friends.

    When Khitan finishes his prayer he listens to the unmistakable voice of Cinder. He thanks to Sehanine and asks so it is not an Illusion created by the night; and says "Cinder?! Is that you?" and starts going toward the direction of Cinder's voice.
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