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Thread: X-COM: The Fourth Dimension IC (D&D 4E)

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    Kaeravak momentarily pauses amidst his grueling work in response to Dagrun's observation.

    "Though I don't wish to sound cold, I would indulge her if I hadn't first a greater duty to my fellows yet to be saved. We'll have time to talk later; for now, I must see if any others remain."

    The pyromancer busily continues sorting through the beams and splinters of his scuttled airship when Ferrum addresses the maimed tiefling.

    "You're Waifera's best shot of making it out of here, but the enemy approaches, and will be upon us soon. Conceal her and get into position as best you're able; she's of little help as is."

    Before long, the encroaching shapes draw too close for comfort, and Kaeravak is forced to discontinue his search in favour of drawing to cover at the warforged's improvised battlement.

    Stealth: (1d20+4)[16](20)