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    Quote Originally Posted by Swok View Post
    Making it a strength check also artificially restricts it to being good on strength based characters. Attacks rolls are more flexible.

    Also I'm completely bewildered that the maneuver that let's you use a +30 skill competence item in addition to any other modifiers for saves is being implied to be worse than using an attack roll.
    Indeed, even truestrike attacks pale in comparison...I understand the reticence to use BAB for 'other things' and I agree with using HD instead for certain things, but that's to allow for any character who ISN'T on a full BAB to still get good use out of certain abilities. What this is doing is ACTUALLY ATTACKING , be it a spell or trap (or some other reflex save trigger, I'm sure there are times when it's not appropriate, like when you reflex to catch something perhaps). If it's attacking then it's actually using BAB for it's intended purpose, is it not..? There is more than enough precedence to allow attacks as free or exceptionally minimal actions, many allow you to actually attack another creature, all this does is use a snacky (pun intended) and flavourful mechanic to boost situational reflex saves based on your martial prowess with a weapon...
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