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    Quote Originally Posted by Quiddle View Post
    Sorry about taking time to get back to you guys. First off I want to say thanks a ton for all the input.

    Ok, I changed the wording of Blade of Infinite Edge and Force Wave Slash to an altered version of what Veklim suggested, I added additional effective fighter level for the fighter feats, I used Debby's wording of Space-time
    Rending Strike but kept it Ex because it isn't a magical effect, and I fixed my mistake in snicker snack.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how I should word the expanded decapitation chance?
    Perhaps you should delete the references to dimension door and plane shift in the stat block if the Space-time Rending Strike isn't magical as those are clearly spells :-)

    I concede the point on the Cut the Air ability.

    Also the word "larger" is missing from Space-time: "The rift can be as large as one size category ^ than the Vorpal Warrior using this ability."

    The rift can be one size larger than the vorpal warrior.

    The Heads Will Roll ability isn't very clear. Normally, you threaten adjacent squares. Do you mean you now get an attack of opportunity from creatures that are farther away from you? For example would a Medium sized vorpal warrior threaten creatures that are 10 feet away (15 feet on the diagonal) or do you mean something else? Are you also increasing the critical threat range of her weapon?

    Heads Will Roll (Ex): At ninth level, whenever a Vorpal Warrior wields her vorpal weapon, she gains the ability to threaten creatures that are not adjacent to her. A threatened creature must be no more than 5 feet beyond normal range. In addition, the critical range of her weapon to decapitate a foe is increased by 1; this stacks with any previous increases gained.

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