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    "Let you go? Yeah, that's not happening. Now, I'm not going to hurt you. That would be uncalled for. But similarly, I can't have you hurting my patients."

    Gender: Male
    Race: Half-drow; Celestial Bloodline
    Age: 18
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Profession: Temple of Inari Healer
    Power Rating: D

    Description: Urias is reasonably short, with greyish skin, pointed ears and white hair that clearly show his drow ancestry. His celestial heritage is far less pronounced, the only hint being his unusually vivid blue eyes. His wardrobe consists of comfortable clothing providing freedom of movement, though he is most often seen in a green vest (a gift from Karaglen) which signifies his role as a healer at the Temple of Inari.

    Personality: First and foremost, Urias is a very shy character, with a troubled past. At times he can seem quite childish and insecure, but in other ways he is very mature indeed. His interactions with strangers are minimal and cautious - he is particularly wary of men and other drow, however hard he tries not to discriminate. A very focused individual, Urias takes to tasks with zeal and determination, and always strives to achieve his best.

    Equipment: The adolescent has very little to his name. While at the temple, he tends to keep a small medical bag with him, filled with useful healing items - poultices and salves, splints and bandages - that he might need in a hurry. A pendant that was once his mother's hangs from his neck at all times - an item that he cherishes. He owns a scruffy plush unicorn toy, which he keeps a secret from the large majority of people. He will often be seen with hand and feet wraps, or a pair of Camelot sweatbands, for when he practices his martial arts.

    Abilities: Urias has a mix of martial and magical ability. He is proficient in an aikido-esque martial art, redirecting an opponent's own force against them. He can also channel positive energy to heal the wounds of himself and others, as well as help against the effect of diseases and poisonings.
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