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    Akina Vami
    Race: Unknown: Akina wears a cloak, all that is seen in the hood is a shadow
    Gender: Female (Spun a pen to decide)
    Age: 346
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Profession: Freelance problem solver, of a sort
    Power level: B- (possibly, not quite sure)

    Best I could do...
    Appearance: Akina wears a black cloak which covers her entire body. Under the hood, all that is visible is a shadow, the face is unseeable. She wears black gloves to cover her hands. She is often seen on an abysmal mount. (WOW! Spelled that right first try!)

    Personality: Akina is a half loner. She can enjoy time by herself, or with others. She takes pride in her fighting.

    Abilities: Akina controls a spell caster, meaning she has total control over him. She uses him to cast a large variety of spells. He is human. Her other spell caster is also human. He can also cast a variety of spells, though he can cast less. She herself has the power to counter some other magic, as to protect herself. She has a mount, which is abysmal. It is dark and has wings. It has sharp claws and teeth. It is somewhat skeletal looking. Any of these can be summoned at any time and they will materialize.

    Equipment: Other than her followers, Akina carries a scythe. The scythe leaves a trail of shadow behind it. It can cut through more materials than a normal sword can. It sometimes seems to give off some mist.

    Notes: Based on the idea of a planeswalker: She can cast some of her own spells.
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