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    Celica Mistral

    Gender: Female
    Race: Faunus (Bunny)
    Alignment: Neutral
    Class/Profession: Weaponsmith/Adoptive Mother

    Power Level: C

    Description: average height with dark red eyes, Celica wears a navy blue dress with black boots and arm-length black, fingerless gloves.
    She has short bunny ears adorning her head, and her red hair is waist length. Celica has pale skin.

    Personality: Celica is rather optimistic, and has a passion for yellow and green. She is very caring of her friends and family, and has a dislike of vampires.

    Equipment:(Umbral Surge) and a BananaPhone

    Abilities: clever, hears well, skilled Weaponsmith.
    Able to summon supernatural light and darkness.
    Superhero Identity:

    Costume: A white combat skirt with pale yellow details, a white breastplate with a gold crescent moon emblem worn over a yellow corset with white details, long yellow gloves, white boots with yellow laces, a yellow mask, and a white top hat with a gold ribbon.

    Equipment: A white baton on her left hip, flash bangs on a belt around her waist, a stun gun on her belt, and two collapsible batons strapped to her boots.

    Notes: Quit being a superhero, got vamped and then cured.


    After attending a couple years of Beacon Academy, Celica appeared in the Nexus. After taking a job as a servant for Daedra resulting in getting vamped, meeting khyli during this period. she eventually decided to flee her servitude. She was cured by Jace and became his tenant, eventually opening a weapon shop and becoming a superhero. Celica also adopted a gnome girl named Cheasadh. After investigating Arkant's warehouse, she was hypnotized to quit being a superhero, and eventually moved to GLoG with Cheasadh. Celica recently began dating Khyli.
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