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    Therlynn Saxon

    Gender: Female
    Race: Werewolf
    Age: 24
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class: Hunter
    Power Rank: C

    Description: A young woman with black hair, and blue eyes that seem to glow in the right light, Therlynn seems to be the very archetypical huntress...right up until she transforms into a huge black wolfwoman with actual glowing blue eyes and tries to rip your face off.

    Personality: Therlynn Saxon is, when human, a rather calm and reserved person. She prefers to solves her problem quickly, quietly, and efficiently. The nature of things being as they are, her werewolf form is the polar opposite, urging him to take part in gratuitous violence and gory pleasure, even when she's in control

    Equipment: A Dust-enhanced bow and some leather clothes, a frogskin cloak that allows her to glide and blend in with forested areas, and armor that is flexible enough to remain with her when she transforms.

    Abilities: Therlynn skill with a bow is very highly developed, and of course being a werewolf, she also possesses an alternate "wolfwoman" form, which he switches into at times of high stress or on the night of the full moon. She regenerates most wounds when she changes into this form, although wounds caused by silver or holy weapons do not regenerate.

    Backstory: A young man living is a small village, Thoril was apprenticed to the elder hunter of his village. He showed aptitude in the art of tracking and felling game and dangerous animals, and for his task to be promoted to full hunter, he was sent into the forest alone to bring back a stag to prove his skill and worth as a hunter. However, his quarry eluded him, and he went for many days without catching sight of a beast of any variety, until the night of the full moon.
    That night, desperate for any animal to bring home, he caught sight of what appears to be a massive wolf, and began to pursue. The closer he drew to this wolf, the more he realized it was most certainly abnormal, but by the time he started to consider abandoning his hunt, he had caught up with it. Upon catching it, he realized something was definitely wrong. No wolf was that large, nor have such...intelligent...features. Almost as soon as he took these features in, the wolf-thing lunged at him, too quickly to react, and took a large chunk out of his arm. Thoril swore, drew his bow, and engaged the beast. After what felt like several long hours of fighting, he finally felled the beast. However, the fight had taken it's toll, and he blacked out.
    When Thoril awoke the next morning, he was someplace else in the forest, and covered in more blood than he remembered. He quickly put the pieces together and realized he had been infected with Lycanthropy. Rather than return home and pose a threat to his friends and family, Thoril set out into the wilderness, eventually stumbling into the Hunting Grounds.

    Notes: Feminized and put in control of her werewolf form by Reperia.
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