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    Prior to recent events, the yokai in question lived in a universe called Other-Gensokyo, a fixed area on an Earth-like planet segregated from the rest of the world. Though details on the segregation remain unconfirmed, most believe it to be the result of an encounter-probability anomaly engineered long ago by Midori Miyami; she supposedly reduced the possibility of the outside world coming into contact with Other-Gensokyo, or vice-versa, to near-zero, thereby rendering it impossible for anyone from either world to cross the anomaly into the other without being explicitly granted passage.

    The first yokai to enter the Nexus were sent there by a talented magician named Chiaki Noraware; these yokai were ejected from Other-Gensokyo so that Chiaki could arrange unrestricted access to the high-yield energy regulator hidden underground: the Magic Reactor. After three weeks of isolation from his homeworld, Sanji Genkiro, a yokai who guarded the Magic Reactor, secured a portal to return to his homeland. Unfortunately, by that time, Chiaki had infiltrated the World-Heart and attempted to draw on its power. Despite his best efforts, Sanji could not stop the magician from overloading the Reactor, which effectively destroyed Other-Gensokyo.

    Since the annihilation of Other-Gensokyo, survivors have been pouring into the Nexus, locked in their emergency-safeguard Seal Pods. Sanji has spearheaded the retrieval of said survivors, while Midori has appealed to GLoG and earned their assistance in erecting a temporary shelter site for the refugees.

    These are yokai who originated from different worlds and congregated in the Nexus. Many of the prominent entries on this list originate from Other-Gensokyo, though there are others who hail from different worlds. Qualifying yokai must first convene with the registry book-keeper before being added to the directory.

    Format: [Character Name (Player Name)]

    These are beings born and raised in the Nexus that can be classified as yokai. Qualifying yokai must first convene with the registry book-keeper before being added to the directory.
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