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    Player Characters!
    Active (main) PCs

    Sophia Godlark
    Altverse Daughter of Magtok, Titan Shifter, member of HALO and member of the Recon Corps/Survey Corps/Scouting Legion. Paladin of Civiron

    Akane Seikatsu
    Half-Drow fey warlock

    Enigmatic Cat Faunus and Huntress, member of HALO

    Semi-Active PCs

    Cielle of Teppelin

    Miria Dracona Armstrong, Rimefire Alchemist
    State Alchemist, specializes in Water and Fire based Transmutation. Little sister to Oliver Mira Armstrong, studies the various forms of Alchemy and magic. Recently transformed into a copper dragonfae.

    Shantelle La'Forette
    Level 3 Esper, Poculokinetic sith apprentice who HATES those confident in not going to die/think they're invincible/etc. Sociopathic and member of Ignitis Academy. Often with Toy, a sadistic fellow sith apprentice and... Girlfriend? Friend with Benefits? No one knows!

    Celica Mystral
    Rabbit Faunus weaponsmith and ex superhero, Single Mother and Girlfriend of Khyli Von Smith

    Charlotte LaForette
    15 year old Madoka-style Magical Girl with an enthusiastic attitude and voracious hunger who attends Zafflebrod's School
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