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    Milly Palotl
    Alias: Black Witch
    Occupation: Contract killer
    Species: Terocerid/Moth Person
    Age: In her 40s, which puts her in human 20s
    Alignment: Neutral Evil SQUEAK


    Milly has velvety caramel-colored skin and darker brown hair. Her eyes are big, glossy, blackish-green orbs and her needle-toothed smile hides a thin, sharp tongue that can extend 18 inches and drink like a proboscis. Her wings are the source of her nickname; she is not black in coloration nor a witch, but her wings are of the same pattern as the female Black Witch moth (which is more... beige). They can be contracted or expanded, from small (just reaching her waist when folded) to full size (reaching her heels when folded). She needs them big to fly, of course. From her head extends a pair of feathery antennae, allowing her to trace scents and pheromones in the air. She has a secondary pair of arms.

    Flight via wings. Good vision and very good smell via antennae. Four arms. Able to cling to surfaces.
    Tongue can snap out and pierce things---she's managed to penetrate to the brain through the eye.
    Immune or resistant to a number of toxins.
    Skilled in a variety of weaponry.

    Double Gas Canister Gun, her favored "kill everyone in the room" weapon.
    Goose Rifle, an odd weapon that fires seven bullets simultaneously.
    Both of these weapons have been refitted with folding stocks; the goose rifle has been modified with a barrel that can detach part of its length.

    Missy is a bit on the shy side, not very outgoing, and content to curl up at home and eat and read and generally be cute and mothy.
    Except when she has to go out and be a renowned contract killer, because that's her job. Operating under the callsign "Black Witch", Milly is ruthless and effective; she's perfectly content to seal a floor of a building with her targets inside, gas the place, and wade through the haze to stab any stragglers in the brain with her tongue.
    And she doesn't even get to feel cool about it because all people remember her for is being the cute squeaky moth lady. Squeak squeak squeak I'M A HITWOMAN squeak.
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