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    Venatus Ipsimus
    Gender: Female I didn't type this.
    Alias: Hunt Master (As translated from Latin)
    Occupation: Hunter, Adventurer, Explorer
    Species: Faunus: Wolf
    Age: 27
    Alignment: True neutral (can go both ways)

    Description: Venatus has ears of a wolf. Her feet are padded. Her eyes are bright blue, and her hair is brown, long, and flowing. Despite the ears, she could be described as beautiful. She commonly wears brown or black clothing, and has arrows and a bow strapped across her back. Her clothing consists of leather pants and a leather shirt, along with a fur hat for when her ears get cold.

    Abilities: Venatus has a great smelling ability. You might say that it is that of a wolf. She also has great hearing. Also that of a wolf. She can move quickly and is great at archery. She is at home in the woods.

    Personality: Venatus loves the woods. Though she appreciates wildlife, she also hunts it. She is somewhat outgoing, and often enjoys company, except when hunting. When hunting, Venatus loves the natural sounds of the woods, and she loves to be alone with nature.
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