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    Modified Class: Bard (yeah, I know. There's going to be a dozen of these.)

    The Rockstar specializes in adrenaline-pumping, high-octane performances that grant strong bonuses to his allies, at the cost of tiring himself out. He throws himself into his music, mastering his craft at the cost of his versatility.

    Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: The Rockstar is proficient in using his instruments as improvised weapons. The most common instrument to be used in this way is the lyre, which functions as a heavy mace. This is an addition to the normal bardic weapon proficiencies.
    Rockstars are also proficient in medium and heavy armor, though they still suffer the arcane spell failure when casting spells while wearing armor.

    Showmanship (Ex): The Rockstar adds half his class level (minimum 1) to all perform and diplomacy skill checks. This replaces Bardic Knowledge.

    Bardic Performance: This functions as the normal bardic performance, except as noted here. All his bardic performances use audio components, though some may also use visual components. The Rockstar's high-energy performances are more taxing on him; he can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. At each level after 1st a bard can use bardic performance for 1 additional round per day. Furthermore, after using bardic performance, the Rockstar is fatigued for a number of rounds equal to the number of rounds that he was performing. This penalty begins when the Rockstar stops playing for at least one round; if he changes from one performance to another, treat it as one continuous performance to determine the duration of his fatigue. Lastly, the Rockstar cannot affect himself with a bardic performance unless specifically noted. This otherwise functions as the normal rules for bardic performance.
    Spoiler: List of Bardic Performances

    Captivate (Su): At first level, the rockstar possesses a fascinating performance more powerful and forceful than that of other bards. Captivate functions as the fascinate performance, except as noted here.
    He may captivate a number of creatures equal to his hit dice + his charisma modifier. Each successive round in which the rockstar has captivated less than the maximum number of creatures, he may attempt to captivate additional creatures, up to his maximum amount. Creatures that succeed on their saves against this ability remain susceptible in later rounds. When making a save due to a potential threat, the save is made at -4.
    This replaces Fascinate.

    Shake it off (Su): This energetic ballad inspires a head-banging, heart-pounding urge to dance in those that listen to it.
    The performance creates a 60 foot emanation around the Rockstar. Allies of the Rockstar within the emanation gain a +2 morale bonus on all saves. This bonus increases by +2 for every feat the Rockstar possesses which gives him a bonus to one or more saves.
    When he begins this performance, the Rockstar may target a number of creatures within the emanation up to his hit dice + his charisma modifier. In later rounds, creatures entering the emanation for the first time may be targeted if the Rockstar desires, up to the maximum amount allowed by this ability. Any targeted creatures suffering from one of the following ongoing conditions (Bleeding, Blinded, Confused, Cowering, Dazed, Dazzled, Disabled, Entangled, Exhausted, Fascinated, Fatigued, Frightened, Nauseated, Panicked, Paralyzed, Shaken, Sickened, Staggered, or Stunned) may attempt a new save against that condition. The DC of this save is the original DC of the effect, or a DC 20 fortitude save if no other save was required. If the targeted creature succeeds on their save, they ignore that condition for as long as they remain in the emanation, or until they are are subject to an effect which would cause that condition again. If the targeted creature leaves the emanation for more than one round before the condition's duration has expired, the condition immediately resumes at the start of their next turn. A creature cannot gain this benefit more than once each hour.
    The continual save bonus and the additional save are considered two separate effects; a creature may be affected by one but not by the other. Shake it Off uses audio components, and is a mind-affecting effect. This replaces Countersong and Distraction.

    Inspire Fervor (Su): This time-honored battle dirge is the favorite song of a famous historical heroine. This song inspires the Rockstar's allies with fervor and combat prowess, granting them the following effects.
    First, they gain a +2 morale bonus on melee attack and damage rolls, intimidation checks, and saves against fear effects. They also gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC, and a 5 foot bonus to their base speed when approaching enemies. At 5th level, and every 6 levels thereafter, these bonuses increase by +1 and +5 ft respectively, to a maximum of +5 and +20 ft at level 17.
    The Rockstar may use this ability on a number of allies equal to his hit dice + his charisma modifier. The allies to be affected must be within 60 feet of the Rockstar when he starts the performance, but they retain the bonuses afterward for as long as they can hear him. This is a mind-affecting effect. Inspire Fervor uses audible components only. This replaces Inspire Courage and Inspire Heroics.

    Inspire Unity (Su): At third level, the Rockstar can create a powerful performance which rallies his allies and helps them all to share a common bond and work together.
    For the duration of the performance, all affected allies gain a +2 competence bonus when using or benefiting from the aid another action. These allies also gain an additional +1 bonus to AC and attack rolls against enemies they are flanking.
    The Rockstar may affect a number of allies equal to his hit dice + his charisma modifier, though all allies to be affected must be within 30 ft. of him at the beginning of the performance. The effects continue for as long as the allies can hear the Rockstar's performance.
    Inspire Unity uses audible components only. This replaces Inspire Competence.

    Rabble Rousing (Su): Beginning at level 6, the Rockstar can impose his will over the creatures he's captivated, forcing one of the following activities on them unless they succeed on a new will save. The DC of this saving throw is the same as the DC for Captivate. Activating this ability costs 2 additional rounds of bardic performance and is a standard action that does not disrupt the effects of Captivate. Creatures that succeed on this save are immune to the effect for 1d4 rounds, but may be subjected to it again for as long as the performance continues. Once a Rockstar chooses one of the three effects to create with his Captivate performance, that effect remains constant for the rest of the performance; he may not change effects without first ending the performance and beginning a new one.
    ♦ First, he may force the creatures to dance themselves into exhaustion; when the fascination ends, each affected creature must make a fortitude save with a DC equal to 10 + the Rockstar's charisma modifier or become fatigued for an amount of time equal to the number of rounds they were dancing in this way. Each round spent dancing in this way reduces their fort save by 1. Creatures that fail this save by 5 or more are exhausted rather than fatigued.
    ♦ Alternatively, he may force the creatures into a mosh-pit like brawl. The affected creatures must be part of one contiguous group, and there must be at least four creatures in that group. Each affected creature deals nonlethal damage equal to its strength modifier to every creature adjacent to it at the end of each of its turns. This damage does not constitute a threat to the affected creatures.
    ♦ Lastly, he may force the creatures to become engrossed in his every movement and word. The creatures become effectively blind and deaf to any creature other than the Rockstar, rendering them flat-footed and practically defenseless for the duration.
    Rabble Rousing is a mind-affecting effect that uses audio and visual components. This replaces Suggestion and Mass Suggestion.

    Inspire Glory (Su): Beginning at 9th level, the Rockstar can instill the raw, fervent power of his music into his allies. This functions as Inspire Greatness, except as described here.
    He may target a number of allies equal to his hit dice + his charisma modifier. The affected allies gain a +1 competence bonus to all saves, rather than solely fortitude. Any abilities the affected allies currently possess which are dependent on their class levels (caster level, sneak attack damage, etc.) benefit as though the character had gained two levels in that class. They do not gain new feats, abilities, or higher-level spell slots. Spontaneous casters may gain temporary spell slots while this effect lasts, and any class with an ability whose number of daily uses or points are derived from class level may use that those abilities for free during this time, though they may not spend more than one use, round, or point per round of the performance. These temporary spell slots, points, rounds, and uses expire when the performance ends, though their effects may persist (such as an abjuration spell cast via a temporary slot continuing for its normal duration). Multiclass characters apply these benefits to only their highest-level class, gaining +2 effective levels in it, or they may split the bonus between two classes, gaining +1 effective level in each. Inspire Glory relies on audible components only.
    This otherwise functions as Inspire Greatness.

    Devastating Performance (Su): A Rockstar of 12th level or higher can create a painful, shocking performance which begins with a discordant scream and continues with nauseating brutality.
    At the start of the performance, the Rockstar unleashes a 30 ft. cone of screeching sound that deals 3d8 sonic damage to all creatures within it. A successful fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 Rockstar's level + Rockstar's charisma modifier) halves this damage; deaf creatures gain a +5 bonus on this save. Every round thereafter, all enemies within 30 feet of the Rockstar must succeed a fortitude save or take 2 damage from a bleeding effect (usually the ears). Objects within this area have their hardness reduced by 5.
    Beginning a Devastating Performance uses 2 additional rounds of bardic performance. Devastating Performance uses audible components only.
    This replaces Soothing Performance.

    Spoiler: Performance Synopsis
    Countersong and Distraction (Replaced by Shake it Off)
    Fascinate (Upgraded to Captivate)
    Inspire Courage and Inspire Heroics (Replaced by Inspire Fervor)
    Inspire Competence (Replaced by Inspire Unity)
    Suggestion and Mass Suggestion (Replaced by Rabble Rousing)
    Dirge of Doom
    Inspire Greatness (Upgraded to Inspire Glory)
    Soothing Performance (Replaced by Devastating Performance)
    Frightening Tune
    Deadly Performance

    Song List:
    • Eruption (Eddie Van Halen)
    • Get Up (Korn & Skrillex)
    • Erza's Theme (Yasuharu Takanashi)
    • Ten Thousand Fists (Disturbed)
    • Nobody Gets Out Alive (Skindred)
    • Through the Fire and Flames (Dragonforce)
    • Let the Bodies Hit the Floor (Drowning Pool)

    Lip Synch (Ex): At 5th level, the Rockstar becomes a master of performance and can take 10 on any perform skill check that he has ranks in. A Rockstar can choose not to take 10 and can instead roll normally. In addition, once per day, the rockstar can start one bardic performance which uses less effort to maintain. To do so, he must spend 1 round of bardic performance and succeed at a bluff check opposed by the perception of the creatures to be affected by his performance. Any creature that succeeds at their perception check ignores the effects of his performance, but creatures that fail are affected normally. He must make additional bluff checks in each round that he maintains a lip-synched performance, though he may do so without spending rounds of bardic performance. Creatures gain a +5 bonus on their perception checks if another creature informs them that the Rockstar is lip-synching. Trying not to notice is considered taking 10 on your perception check.
    The rockstar can use this ability one additional time per day for every six levels he possesses beyond 5th, to a maximum of three times per day at 17th level. This replaces Lore Master.

    These go to Eleven (Su): At 11th level, the Rockstar cranks up the volume on his performances, granting the affected creatures additional benefits, as well as granting him a few other abilities. This replaces Jack of All Trades.
    • Creatures affected by Captivate take a cumulative -1 penalty on Will saves for each round that they remain captivated. This penalty is reduced by 2 when the Captivate performance ends, and is reduced by 2 each round thereafter, to a minimum of -0.
    • Creatures affected by Shake it Off are worked into an unstoppable fervor, gaining immunity to the staggered condition and the ferocity extraordinary ability of orcs and monsters.
    • Creatures affected by Inspire Fervor may take an immediate action to make a 5 foot step toward any opponent, and may make a melee attack immediately afterward if they choose. This is not considered an attack of opportunity, nor does it change their place in the initiative order. This occurs once during the performance, immediately after the Rockstar's turn, and cannot be used on the same allies again for the rest of the encounter. The Rockstar chooses when to grant his allies this benefit.
    • Creatures affected by Inspire Unity gain the benefits of one feat possessed by the Rockstar, chosen at the beginning of the performance. They do not have to meet the prerequisites for this feat, but they gain no class or racial features they did not have before. (Imparting "Extra Performance" will not grant your allies the "bardic performance" feature). Effects which would have no benefit for their recipients are simply wasted.
    • Creatures affected by Rabble Rousing continue being fascinated for 1d3 additional rounds after the performance has ended, but get a will save in each round to end this effect. During this time, they continue the activity (dancing, brawling, standing defenseless) that they were doing during the performance.
    • Creatures affected by Inspire Glory gain fast healing (2) and a +2 bonus on all skill checks and AC.
    • Creatures affected by Dirge of Doom suffer a -2 penalty to their AC and weapon damage rolls.
    • Beginning at level 15, any creature taking damage from Devastating Performance is sickened for 1 round.
    • Beginning at level 17, creatures affected by Frightening Tune cower when cornered, and are unable to fight back.

    New Items
    Spoiler: Lip Salts (Drug)
    Many rockstars offset the fatigue their performances cause through the use of medicines, herbal supplements, or alchemical substances such as lip salts. Lip salt is a highly addictive substance, most accurately described as a poison with mild benefits. It is an ingested poison, applied directly to the gums, usually between the gum and upper lip. Taking a dose of lip salts gives you a euphoric high and amps up your body's natural energy. During this time, you reduce the potency of fatigue and exhaustion on you; ignore the effects of fatigue, and treat exhaustion as if it were fatigue. These benefits begin 1d6 rounds after taking lip salts, and last for a short time, based on the lip salts' quality.
    Quality Benefits Fort DC Onset Frequency Initial Effect Secondary Effect Cure Price (gp)
    High 1 hour 12 1 min 1/ minute for 1 hour 2 Wis and shaken 20 minutes confused 1 minute 3 saves 250 gp
    Normal 30+1d20 min 14 1 min 1/ minute for 1 hour 2 Wis and shaken 30 minutes confused 1 minute 2 saves 200 gp
    Low 15+1d10 min 16 1 min 1/ minute for 1 hour 2 Wis, 2 Int, and shaken 40 minutes confused 1 minute 2 saves 150 gp

    Taking a dose of lip salts can cause an addiction, which is best referenced as a disease. You are exposed to the disease on the first failed save of each dose of lip salts.
    Fort DC Onset Frequency Initial Effect Secondary Effect Cure
    16 1 day 1/day for 3 days 2 Con and nauseated 1 day sickened 1 day 2 saves
    The nauseated and sickened conditions inflicted by lip salt addiction can be ignored for 1 day by taking a dose of lip salts. Creatures afflicted with lip salt addiction crave another dose, and are intuitively aware that taking a dose of lip salts will offset the sickening feeling in their gut.

    New Feats
    Spoiler: Rockstar Life (General)
    Rockstar Life (General)

    You are a famous Rockstar, and there are certain expectations of you. You've learned to be everything your fans love, your sheriff hates, and your parents feared.

    Prerequisites: bardic performance, Charisma 17, must have accrued 1000 gold or more in fines, fees, and property damage.

    Benefit: When accused of a crime there is a 30% chance that the judge or magistrate hearing your case will be sympathetic or understanding, adjusting his starting attitude toward you to one more favorable. Fines, fees, and punishments from a more favorable judge are usually reduced by 30%.
    There is also a 30% chance that the judge or magistrate hearing your case will be offended by your attitude and personality, adjusting his attitude to one less favorable. Fines, fees, and punishments from a less favorable judge are usually increased by 30%.
    When making a diplomacy check for any reason, you gather 1d6 groupies from the crowd (1d3 for smaller crowds, 1d12 for large crowds). Groupies last for one day, and are usually first-level commoners with little or no usable skills. Groupies are completely loyal to you, and are often useful when in need of a fake alibi. Groupies rarely have more than 10 gold on their person at a time.
    The cost for you to stay in a rented room is increased by 50%, but you make 50% more money when making profession checks related to music, charisma, or merchandising. Finding a lip-salts dealer takes you 1d10 minutes in a populated location.

    Spoiler: Townshend Technique (Combat)
    Townshend Technique (Combat)

    You smash your lyre to pieces in an epic finale for a particularly strong performance.

    Prerequisites: bardic performance, base attack bonus +1, proficient with improvised weapons.

    Benefit: You may spend one or more rounds of bardic performance when you make an attack with your lyre in order to deal extra damage. Your attack deals an additional 1d6 sonic damage per round you spent in this way, and deals half this damage to all creatures within 10 feet of your target (including you). Creatures taking damage from this ability must make a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 your HD + your strength modifier) or become deafened for 1 minute. If you are maintaining a bardic performance when you make this attack, the attack deals an extra point of damage per die of sonic damage, and your performance immediately ends.
    Your lyre must succeed a fortitude save (DC 10 + damage dealt by the attack) or become broken. If it fails this save by 10 or more, it is completely destroyed.
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