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    Default Call to Brew! [Crossroads]

    So, the crossroads project just recently had its first anniversary, and it has occurred to me that we really havenít made all that many monsters for the setting, and weĎre really gonna need Ďem if weĎre gonna try to be ready to take this project to print by the beginning of next year. And since the task of creating this massive list of wholly new monsters for the setting is a bit daunting, weíre looking for a little outside help. So, since this forum has never let me down before, I had the idea to enlist the help of the gitp homebrewing community. In exchange for all your hard work, any brewer who submits a complete monster will get their name in the credits of the Crossroads: the New World bestiary!

    Below, thereís a list of monsters that need to be made, with brief descriptions. I would recommend googling the monsters to get a more detailed mental image. To note, weíre using the pathfinder system for this setting, so monsters should be designed for pathfinder, though we will accept 3.5e submissions. If you want to create a monster, just mention that youíre starting to work on it here, so we can mark it off as under construction. If you have any questions regarding the setting or mythology of the area, just ask away, weíll be glad to help out however we can. When youíre finished, post it here, or post it in itís own thread and post a link here. If you find a monster you think would fit into the setting but isnít listed, just mention it and weíll add it to the list. You can post a monster that youíve already created if you want.

    Spoiler: Additional Rules
    Credit will generally be given under your real name, unless you do not wish to share it, or we can't reach you to get it. Credit will be given in order of the number of monsters submitted, and alphabetical in case of equal numbers. Submitted monsters may be modified for balance, system compliance, spelling/grammar, or setting compliance reasons. If we end up not using a monster in the final edition for some reason, credit will not be given.

    Top Contributors:
    Rank Name # of Creations
    1st Bhu 21
    2nd Perturbulent 12
    3rd Superdave 11
    4th LOTRfan 6
    5th Dracomortis 3

    Pathfinder Stat Block/cheat Sheet
    Spoiler: Pathfinder Stat Block/cheat Sheet
    HTML Code:
    [SIZE=4][b]Creature Name[/b] CR ??[/SIZE]
    [b]XP ???[/b] (see [url][/url]
    Alignment Size Type (Subtype)
    [b]Init[/b] +? (equals Dex mod); [b]Senses[/b] blindsight, darkvision ?? ft., low-light vision, etc.; [b]Perception[/b] +?
    [b]AC[/b] ??, touch ?? (ignore armor bonus, shield bonus, and natural armor bonus), flat-footed ?? (ignore Dex bonus); (+? Armor, +? Shield, +? Size, +? Dex, +? Dodge, +? Misc.)
    [b]HP[/b] XdY+(Con mod x Hit Dice) (average hp)
    - d4 = 2.5
    - d6 = 3.5
    - d8 = 4.5
    - d10 = 5.5
    - d12 = 6.5
    [b]Fort[/b] +?, [b]Ref[/b] +?, [b]Will[/b] +? (Fighters have ďgood" progression for Fort, and ďpoor" progression for Ref and Will)
    [B]Immune [/B]???; [B]Resist [/B]???; [B]Vulnerable [/B]???; [B]SR [/B]???
    [B]DR[/B] ???/(what DR is overcome by; if nothing overcomes its DR, use "ó")
    [b]Speed[/b] ?? ft.; fly ?? ft. (maneuverability) (Note: 1 square/turn equals ~0.5 mph, or more accurately 0.568 mph)
    [b]Melee[/b] type +? (XdY+Str mod or Dex mod)
    [b]Ranged[/b] type +? (XdY+Dex mod)
    [b]Space[/b] ?? ft.; [b]Reach[/b] ?? ft. (for space, reach, and size-modifiers, see [url][/url])
    [b]Spell-like Abilities[/b] (CL ?; concentration +? (these usually equal HD, for monsters)) (see [url][/url])
    [LIST][*]Constant Ė [I]???[/I][*]At will Ė [I]???[/I][*]5/day Ė [I]???[/I][*]3/day Ė [I]???[/I][*]1/day Ė [I]???[/I][/LIST]
    [b]Str[/b] ?? (+?), [b]Dex[/b] ?? (+?), [b]Con[/b] ?? (+?), [b]Int[/b] ?? (+?), [b]Wis[/b] ?? (+?), [b]Cha[/b] ?? (+?)
    [b]Base Atk[/b] (Total BAB from HD + Levels, see creature types); [b]CMB[/b] (BAB + Str mod + special size modifier); [b]CMD[/b] (10 + BAB + Str mod + Dex mod + special size modifier + misc. modifiers)
    [B]Attack [/B]: +(BAB+Str mod) type (XdY+Str mod)
    [B]Full Attack [/B]: +(BAB+Str mod) type (XdY+Str mod)
    - Primary attacks are made using the creature's full base attack bonus and add the creature's full Strength bonus on damage rolls.
    - Secondary attacks are made using the creature's base attack bonus Ė5 and add only 1/2 the creature's Strength bonus on damage rolls.
    - To find out which natural attacks are primary or secondary, see "Table: Natural Attacks by Size" at [url][/url])
    [b]Feats [/b] (one feat at first HD or level, plus one for every 2nd HD or level thereafter; at 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc.), Bonus Feat[SUP]B[/SUP]
    [b]Skills [/b]
    [b]Languages [/b]
    [B]SQ [/B]
    [U][size=4][b]SPECIAL ABILITIES[/b][/size][/U]
    (see Paizo Universal Monster Rules, [url][/url])
    [b]Environment [/b] (warm/temperate/cold) (bogs/marshes/swamps, cities, deserts, forests, hills, mountains, oceans, plains, rivers/lakes/streams, etc. or any)
    [b]Organization [/b] 
    [b]Treasure [/b] (none, incidental, half-standard, standard, double-standard, etc.)
    [b]Advancement [/b]("by class", "by HD"; the easiest way to advance creatures is to have them increase in size when they double their HD.)
    [B]Level Adjustment [/B]: (if N/A, use "ó")
    Details about the creature's behaviors, habitat, diet, range, intelligence, etc. If sentient, describe its worldview, ethics, language, and religion. If social, what is their culture like? Do they live in family groups, or are they solitary? How big are their settlements? How do they feed and clothe themselves? How do they interact with other beings and cultures they encounter?

    Spoiler: Native Monsters

    Name Status Creator Description CR Type
    Acheri Done LOTRfan The spirit of a child who died in some gruesome and untimely fashion, coming back to attack other children. 3 Undead
    Agloolik Done Perturbulent A friendly water spirit that lives under the ice and gives aid to fishermen and hunters. Protects seals and seal cubs. 5 Fey
    Alebrijes Done Perturbulent Chaotic animal-like beings native to the spirit world, brightly colored and varied in form. +1 Magical Beast
    A-Mi-Kuk Done Perturbulent Large, slimy-skinned monster with four human arms and hands for legs. Lives in the bering sea, but can burrow into inland lakes and walk on land. 7 Magical Beast
    Anaye Claimed Amechra A group of extremely powerful beings born to virgins who partook of unnatural practices. Most were destroyed. Remaining anaye include Hunger, Poverty, Old Age, and Cold. - -
    Auvekoejak Claimed LOTRfan Mermaid-like creature with polar bear fur instead of scales. - -
    Auvvik Done Dracomortis A monstrous, blood-sucking caterpillar, actually rather friendly. 1/2 Magical Beast
    Az-I-Wu-Gum-Ki-Mukh-'Ti Done Debihuman A giant walrus with the front legs and head of a dog, black scales covering itís body, and a huge fish tail that can kill a man with one blow. 4 Magical Beast
    Binaye Ahani Evil, limbless twins that can kill with a glance.
    Chenoo Done Perturbulent Humans turned into man-eating giants after committing a crime terrible enough to freeze their heart. 7 Humanoid (Giant)
    Cihuateotl Done Debihuman The spirits of women who died in childbirth, with skeletal faces and eagle claws. 12 Undead
    Cipactli Done Superdave Horrible creatures that are part crocodile, part fish, and part frog, with fanged mouths on every joint of their bodies. 5-8-12-17 Abberation
    Disemboweler Done Perturbulent A female monster who kills people walking alone at night, and sometimes makes victims laugh until their stomach bursts. 6 Monstrous Humanoid
    Dust Devil Dead human spirits who temporarily return to the mortal world. If it spins clockwise, itís a good spirit, if it spins counterclockwise, it is evil.
    Emogoalekc Once human, turned partially into a sea monster when he threw himself into the sea to drown.
    Ewah A demon that drives anyone who sees it insane, so there are no reports of what it looks like
    Fsti Capcaki Done Bhu Tall, hairy, extremely strong humanoid. Carries a tree trunk as a weapon, and is known to tear trees in half. 7 Humanoid (Giant)
    Flying Head Done Superdave After a particularly violent demise, the decapitated head of a victim becomes an enormous, flying head with long, shaggy hair and fangs. 2 Undead
    Gaasyendietha Done Perturbulent A large, aquatic dragon that can fly on a trail of fire and breathe fire. Also known as Ďmeteor dragoní. 7-10-15 Dragon
    Geldegwsets Done KitsuneBoxing Giants that live in rivers and eat fish, living in harmony with humans 5 Humanoid (Giant)
    Haakapaizizi Done Bhu A giant that takes the form of a grasshopper. 15 Humanoid (Giant)
    Haietlik Flying serpents of electricity that often travel with thunderbirds.
    Hakulaq A female monster that controls the weather. Her infant looks human and she sets him to float in a basket, such that kind-hearted people will rescue him. When they take him to shore, she appears and wipes out their village, claiming they stole her child.
    Harvestmen Done Perturbulent Monstrous daddy-long-legs. 1/4-11 Vermin
    Hayicanako A colossal woman who lives deep underground and supports the earth (somewhat like atlas). Earthquakes happen when she gets weak from hunger, and can be stopped by throwing meat into deep holes.
    Hinqumemen A living lake that drowns victims, particularly when they try to take buckets of it away.
    Hoga An enormous fish-like monster with pig ears, thick whiskers, and large tusks. It can change colors.
    Horned Alligator Done KitsuneBoxing Alligators with magical horns, horns can be removed from the body and used for various potions and rituals. 4 Magical Beast
    Hvcko Capko Done Perturbulent Creature with the head of a wolf, large eyes, and a horseís tail. It stinks horribly and carries diseases, infecting everyone who touches it. 9 Magical Beast
    Ikuutayuq A female monster who kills victims at a ritual circle by drilling holes in them until they die.
    Imap Umassoursa An enormous monster that looks like a floating island, and hunts by flipping boats and eating the drowned sailors.
    Indacinga Done Bhu Forest giants strong enough to rip up trees or rip up peopleís houses. 20 Humanoid (Giant)
    Inung A spirit pest that enters the body of a living creature and lives there until they die. After death, it emerges as a flickering light.
    Inupasugjuk Done Bhu Great arctic giants that live on the sea ice at the north pole and visit the mainland during winter when the sea ice is thick enough to support their weight. RUN Humanoid (Giant)
    Ishigaq Done LOTRfan Tiny humanoids only a foot tall that leave no footprints in snow. 1/2 Humanoid
    Jackalope claimed Dayaz A rabbit with deer antlers and a pheasantís tail.
    Jogah, Ga-hon-ga CDone Debihuman A tiny fairy-like being with power over rocks and rivers. 3 Fey
    Jogah, Gandayah Done Debihuman A tiny fairy-like being with with the power to make earth fertile. 3 Fey
    Jogah, Oh-do-wa Done Debihuman A tiny fairy-like being that keeps spirits on the spirit world from returning to the mortal world. 4 Fey
    Jokao/Stonecoats Done Bhu Giants with stone skin and magical flint weapons. 11 Humanoid (Giant)
    Kachina Highly varied spirits representing embodiments of various things in the world, such as stones or insects or stars.
    Kaitorak A powerful forest spirit. Twigs cut from the spirit still have much of itís power.
    Katutajuk/Katyutayuuq/Katyn Tayuuq A large head with stubby legs and arms. Devours everything, and is strong enough to burst through the walls of an igloo.
    Kaneakeluh A great cosmic bird that first brought fire to men.
    Kashehotapolo A man-deer that dwells in the forest, that runs so fast nobody has seen it clearly.
    Kawatilikalla Wolves that can take off their skins and become humans.
    Kelok A winged beast whose body explodes in flames.
    Kitzinackas A friendly water serpent with supernatural power that can be invoked in rituals.
    Kiwahkw Done Bhu Intelligent, cold undead that grow as they eat humans. +X Undead
    Koguhpuk Huge mammalian creatures that live underground because the sun will kill them. They only come to the surface during the long night in the depth of winter.
    Kolowisi A horned water serpent with sharp fangs that can take the form of a baby.
    Kushtaka Were-otters. Some stories paint them as cruel tricksters, other paint them as friendly and helpful. They may turn humans into kushtaka to save them from drowning.
    La Llorona Claimed Amechra An ancient ghost that drowned her children before drowning herself. Appears around rivers and lakes all through mexico and drowns children that come too close.
    Lenapizka An amphibious creature that lives in lakes.
    Mamagwasewug Forest-dwelling fairy-like creatures that are two feet tall with fur on their faces. They sail stone canoes.
    Matlose done Bhu A humanoid monster covered in black fur. Paralyzes itís victims with a terrifying scream. 5 Outsider
    Mi-Ni-Wa-Tu A large mammalian creature with red fur, one eye, one forehead horn, and a spiked beaverís tail that lives in rivers and swims very fast.
    Moogie A lizard-like creature that lives in the Ozarks.
    Nagual Humans with the power to shape shift into an animal related to their day of birth.
    Naked Bear Done Bhu A hairless, stiff-legged bear only vulnerable on the soles of its feet. 8 Magical Beast
    Nalusa Falaya A small shadow-creature that consumes the souls of the depressed.
    N-dam-keno-wet Done Bhu A hybrid of fish and human (not a merman) who loves to molest women in the bath. 1/2 Monstrous Humanoid
    Neglected Ancestral Spirit The spirits of ancestors that chose to remain on the spirit world to guide their progeny and have since been neglected and twisted to evil.
    Nunyenunc A giant predatory bird that grabs people and flies them off to itís nest to be consumed.
    Obsidian Butterfly Swarm Done Superdave A swarm of obsidian butterflies that leave bleeding wounds and shred objects in their wake. 4 Construct
    Ogopogo 40-50 foot sea serpent that dwells in Okanagan lake.
    Old Man of the Mountain An enormous stone giant slumbering, buried in a mountain.
    Onnoint A giant horned snake that uses its magic horns to control the earth and crush enemies.
    Oshadagea A great eagle that carries water through the air in a hollow on itís back. Puts out fires and spreads dew.
    Paija Done Bhu Extremely grotesque cannibalistic female. Covered in hair, with only one leg which emerges from herÖ lady parts. Gaze may petrify. 5 Outsider
    Paiyuk A highly aggressive aquatic elk that hunts humans as itís prey.
    Pal-Rai-Yuk Bizzare creature with six pawed legs, two fox heads, three stomachs, three dorsal fins, Thick fur, a froglike tongue, a fish/whale like tail and a serrated ridge on itís back.
    Palulukon A powerful water serpent that can stop the earthís spin and stop springs from flowing if people stop living in harmony with nature.
    Piasa A huge, scaled, catlike creature with deerlike horns, a very long tail with a fish tail on the end, and red eyes.
    Pskegdemus Done Bhu A female ghost that dwells in swamps. In some stories, itís malevolent being, luring children to their demise. In others, itís a tragic figure, having lost her own children she call out to children from loneliness. 9/9/9 Monstrous Humanoid/Undead/Outsider
    Pukwudgie Done Bhu A small humanoid with great magical power. It can transform into a walking porcupine, and those it kills rise as Tei-Pai-Wanka. 8 Fey
    Quailertetang A seal-man hybrid that serves Sedna, the sea goddess. It observes humans and reports on their wrongdoings.
    Quinametzin The former residents of the world, extinguished by the god for failure to worship them. Giants large enough to move great blocks of stone by themselves.
    Raw Gums A fearsome magician and cannibal, raw guns is a human transformed through his own evil magic and his diet of eating chiefs. He raises the bodies of the chiefs he eats as undead servants.
    Sa-Yin A water monster that resembles a centaur.
    Siat (male) / Bapet (female) Done Bhu Males kidnap children, females suckle them on their poisonous milk, killing them. Only killable with an obsidian arrow. 5 Humanoid (Giant)
    Sio Humis Happy and friendly rain spirits.
    Sisuitl Done Superdave A two-headed sea serpent with a human-like head in the middle of its body. 16 Magical Beast
    Skatene Done Bhu An ogre-like female who can turn into an owl and cuts the head off her victims. 4 Humanoid (Giant)
    Skunk, Dire Done Kopout A dire skunk with a foul spray. 1 Animal
    Snawfus A pure white deer with plants and flowers gowing from itís antlers. Itís hooves split into fingerlike digits, allowing it to climb and swing through the trees. It creates thunder, and blue clouds in autumn.
    Spearfinger Done Bhu An old woman covered on stone armor, with one long, spearlike finger that she uses to pick out a victim's liver. 12 outsider
    Stcemqestcint Humanlike creatures that wear nothing but buffalo skin and can turn into trees to hide. If you stare at one thatís hiding as a tree for a long time, it may become stuck as a tree.
    Stikini A race of people able to turn into horned owls. At night they regurgitate their organs and turn into owls to enter the homes of their victims and steal their still-beating hearts. Once they turn back into humans, they re-swallow their organs. Owl-feathered arrows deal extra damage to them.
    Stoneclad Done Bhu An old man covered in stony armor, wielding a magic cane. Injured by the presence of menstruating women. 12 Outsider
    Sundew, Giant A giant predatory plant.
    Tah-Tah-KleĎ-Ah Done Bhu Evil ogre women who kidnap children in baskets lined with pitch they carry on their backs. Theyíre also known to capture hunters to be their husbands. Or dinner. 10 Outsider
    Tammatuyuq Done Bhu Male cannibal monster, who turns human to gain the trust of a mother with a young child, then kidnaps said child and kills them by piercing itís head with a needle/straw and drinking itís life. 4 Humanoid (Giant)
    Tcipitckaam A crocodile-like sea serpent with a yellow horn projecting out of itís forehead. It can turn into a handsome young man to lure women close to drown them.
    Teehooltsoodi A massive otter with bull-like horns. It can control water and create floods.
    Teyu-Yagua A reptile monster with seven dog heads that breath fire, and shiny skin. Very powerful, but calm and harmless.
    Thelgeth Claimed Bhu Hairy, headless, man-eating creatures. Members of the Anaye family of monsters.
    Tizheruk Done Perturbulent Huge, serpentine aquatic mammal with a Ďseven-foot headĎ 10 Magical Beast
    Tlahuelpuchi A human who develops the power to shape shift during puberty. They must suck the blood of infants. Females are more common, and more powerful, than males.
    Tlanuhwa Great red-tailed hawks with great mystical power.
    Tsanahale Resembling harpies, they have human female torsos with eagle-like wings and taloned legs.
    Tsiatko Done Bhu Extremely tall and thin people that live in the rockies, and speak in whistles. They live like animals and steal human food and children.
    Ugjuknarpak Enormous rodent with a prehensile tail and extremely hard-to-break skin. Capable of swimming.
    Uncegila Done Perturbulent A huge serpent with almost-unbreakable scales as black as shadow, with sharp claws and fangs. Swallows victims whole, but itís vulnerable from within. 21 Magical Beast
    Wakandagi Pezi A water serpent with deer antlers and hooves on itís feet. It gets jealous when people swim in its waters, and shoots bombs of water to blow up canoes.
    Wasgo Sea wolves, a sort of seal with a longer, more wolfish snout. They hunt in large packs to take down small whales, and may attack swimmers.
    White Buffalo Done Perturbulent Sacred animals and messengers, the white buffalo can speak like men and have great magical powers. 15 Outsider
    Witch of November Done Admiral Squish Malevolent wind-spirits from the great lakes that attack ships with hurricane-force winds. 10 Outsider
    Xiuhcoatl Done Perturbulent A massive flying turquoise serpent. Ic can breathe lightning and itís body burns with blue flames. The great serpent is believed to be the weapon of the gods, wielded against those who displease them. 6-22 Dragon
    Yagim A fearsome sharklike creature, with a bright red body. Itís extremely bloodthirsty.
    Yumilekax Done LOTRfan forest spirits in the form of deer with wooden antlers. Some carry beehives in their antlers. They play tricks on and even attack hunters who kill for sport rather than need. Immune to arrows. 3 Magical Beast

    Spoiler: European Imported

    Name Status Creator Decription CR Type
    Baba Yaga An evil old woman who flies in a cauldron and lives in a cottage that walks on chicken legs. A powerful witch.
    Black Shuck Done Amechra A large, black, supernatural canine that appears mysteriously at night, and is often considered a portent of death. 15 Undead
    Clurichaun Done LOTRfan A cousin of leprechauns, these small, fairy-like men are constantly drunk and can be quite surly if mistreated, but theyíll guard oneís cellar if they are well-treated. 2 Fey
    Gwyllion A terrifyingly ugly female elf. You must be polite and kind or it will bring destruction on your home. Known to cause travelers to become lost.
    Jersey Devil Human babies cursed while in the womb or during birth, they become horrible demonic creatures upon birth, with batlike wings, hooved feet, a goatís head, and a forked tail.
    Le Nain Rouge A French dwarf-spirit that came from Europe and now lives near Fort Detroit.
    Lutin Done LOTRfan House-spirits that can take the forms of animals and move through the air, earth, water, and walls, and turn invisible. 2 Fey
    Pixie, Feral Done Superdave Garden pixies that have escaped and spread into the wild, becoming much wilder than their more tame cousins. 7? Fey
    Pixie, Garden Done Superdave Pixies that live in gardens and tend flowers, and serve as living decorations and security. 2 Fey
    Rhinemaiden Done Debihuman Seductive water spirits that hoard treasures of shiny materials at the bottom of their pools and rivers. 6 Fey
    Sinterklaas Claimed The_Doctor Saint Nickolas, who has recently added a new world leg to his journey.
    Wittewijven Undead spirits of wise women that haunt burial sites and sacred places, offering either help or harm to those who approach, depending on the nature of the spirit in question.

    Spoiler: Chinese Imported

    Name Status Creator Decription CR Type
    Bž Xiť Done Amechra A winged lion creature whose presence repels evil. 9 Magical Beast
    Feng Huang Done Dracomortis Mystical birds. The males are known as Feng, and the females as Huang. Their presence is a sign of extreme fortune and harmony. 12 Magical Beast
    Gui WIP Bhu A broad group of chinese ghosts. Varies Undead
    Hsigo Claimed Zzuxon Noisy beasts, resembling monkeys with feathered arms that can unfold into wings. Good at throwing things.
    Jīn ChŠn Claimed Superdave A red-eyed bullfrog with only one back leg and seven spots on itís back. Itís attracted to gold and valuable materials.
    NiŠn ShÚu Done LOTRfan A large, lion-like creature that sleeps in the ocean, coming out once a year around the Chinese new year to eat people, particularly children. Can be repelled by the color red and loud noises. 16 Magical Beast
    Pťng An enormous creature that transforms from a fish to a bird and back.
    Penghou A forest spirit with the body of a black dog with no tail, and the face of a man. Dwells in trees and escapes when the tree is cut down.
    Sin-you Done Baniff A large creature with a body that looks like a hybrid of lion and a bull, with a single straight horn. Itís eyes see the truth, and it can sense guilt and lies. It attacks liars and guilty people. 6 Magical Beast
    ZhŤnniǎo Done Dracomortis Poisonous birds with green and purple feathers. Touching a feather results in numbness, but being pricked, pecked, or scratched by the bird or the feather is highly lethal. 5 Magical Beast
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