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    Full Name: Barnabus Alistair Wheatley

    Alias: Barney, Shadow Bard.
    Gender: Male.
    Race/Species: Tiefling.
    Age: 26.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good.
    Class/Profession: Bard/Rogue.
    Description: Barnabus is 6’2”, with shoulder-length black hair cut roughly into a fringe, small red horns, red skin, and a long, barbed tail. He has a slightly wiry build, akin to that of a runner, and usually wears a black long coat over his armor.
    Personality: He jokes a lot, usually at another’s expense, but when things get serious, he’s not one to back down. He’s determined, and always tries to be kind to those less fortunate than he is, if only to fight his bloodline.
    Armor- Black leather armor with a long black coat over it. The coat has a hood, in case he needs to hide.
    Weapons- A red-and-black pommeled longsword with the words “Ad Daemones Mortem” inscribed on the blade. He also has a dagger that he hides in his boot, and blow-darts for his flute, which can be poisoned for extra effect.
    Abilities: Barnabus is a pyrokinetic that can summon flames to cloak himself, or his weapons. He is pretty charming, and can play the flute, as well as sing.
    Backstory: To Come Later. (I promise. It’ll happen… Probably.)
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