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    Hiizumi Mitsuya

    Gender: Female
    Race: Noppera-bo
    Age: 107-108. Appears to be 24
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Profession: None/Aristocrat
    Power Rating: C+

    Description: Hiizumi appears as a beautiful young woman of Japanese descent. Her true form is similar, but she lacks facial features

    Personality: Hiizumi has a very alien personality, at least to most humans. She views them as little more than livestock, and to Yokai she has power over, she is quite arrogant. However, to Yokai equal to or stronger than her, she's very polite and respectful.

    Equipment: Her dress.

    Abilities: Being a Yokai, Hiizumi possesses slightly enhanced speed and strength over a normal human. However, her main abilites lie in the manipulation of the mind. She is able to manipulate memories, projecting a face, speech, and other parts of what would be normal interaction to others, though she in technically incapable of speech as she lacks a mouth. Her attacks also are based on this power, using, altering, or even erasing a target's memories, though when used in combat, this is temporary.
    Spoiler: Spell Cards
    Memory of My Own Past: Akasaka Road. A spinning pattern of pure white bullets surrounds the target, contracting at regular variables.

    Memory of My Own Past: Imperial Koi Pond. Incoming when I get inspiration

    Memory of a Personal Tragedy An attack used against the subject is replayed to them: While there is no visible effect to observers, the target sees the same attack, replayed several times, and recolored to white

    Memories of a Past Sorrow: The target's most painful memory is dredged up and weaponized against them. They see something that made them feel great mental pain, but every person lacks a face. Observers see them circled by multicolored lights what flows at them, each one bringing up a different memory

    Memory Sign: Erasure. Hiizumi is temporarily struck from her opponent's memory, as well as pieces of the world, more each second. The target is unable to attack her, and if they enter the missing pieces, the mental strain is too great for many, many minds to handle.

    Backstory: Coming Soon!
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