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Ok, i added som stuff about the horn. It has some magical properties and it's needed to craft some magical items. Also, i have some vague idea of creating a more ritual-like divination spell that uses it as either a focus or material component, but i haven't come up with anything yet.
Looks great to me! I always think monster-based items and equipment add great depth to a setting.

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Since I am one of those old dogs who doesn't learn new tricks easily, I'm gonna ask that someone else convert the Rhine maiden's actual stat block. I've made the requested changes as far as 3.5 goes. Pathfinder's stat block might be good for DM's but it's painful for monster creation.

Well, like I've said, we don't have to use the PF statblock. I still build from the 3.5 block because I'm so much more used to it. All you have to do is pay attention to skills and change the bab line.

But if you want me to, I'll edit it to PF and repost.