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I absolutely hate the new statblock. I hate, hate, hate it. But then again, I too am someone who doesn't like new configurations when the old one is perfectly fine. I'll convert it for you, though.

Admiral Squish, do you think the Lutin needs shillelagh?

EDIT: Looks like a posted too late. No matter, I find the process very tedious anyway.
Honestly, I think the PF stat block is equal, if not a little better than the 3.5 one, it's just that we know how to work the 3.5 block better. It's all a matter of practice.
I think I'm gonna post the modified 3.5 stat block in the first post to make it easier on the homebrewers. Maybe add a few things to keep in mind about pathfinder, like the changes to skills.

I don't know, it could probably use a little more offensive punch. Also, I just noticed the attack line of the Pf version says 'weapon'.