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    Here's another one! What a fun thread.

    Geldegwsets (CR 5)

    NG Large Humanoid (Giant, Aquatic)
    Init +1; Senses: Low-Light vision, Perception +8

    Ac 17, Touch 10, Flat-footed 16 (+1 dex, +7 natural, -1 size)
    Hp 73 (7d8+31)
    Fort +11, Ref +3, Will +5

    Speed 30 ft., Swim 50 ft.
    Melee: Unarmed Strike +10* (1d8+11*)
    Ranged: Rock +7 (1d8+10)
    Space: 10 ft. Reach: 15 ft.
    Special Attacks: Rock Throwing, Water Blast (3d6 nonleathal, dc 19)

    *These numbers include penalties and bonuses from power attack.

    Str 25, Dex 13, Con 22, int 8, wis 16, cha 12
    Base Atk +5, cmb +13 (+15 to grapple), cmd 24 (28 vs bull rush and trip)
    Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack, Improved Grapple, Skill focus (survival)
    Skills: Knowledge Local +3, Perception +8, Sense motive +7, Survival +11, Swim +19; Racial Modifiers: Swim +8
    Languages: Common, Geldegwsets
    SQ: Amphibious

    Special Abilities:

    Heavy Body (Ex): Geldegwsets have an unusually heavy lower body. They gain a +4 bonus to their cmd vs bull rush and trip attempts. However, because of their short, stumpy legs, they have a base land speed as if they where one size category smaller than they are.

    Long Arms (Ex): The Geldegwsets long arms deal unarmed strike damage as if it was two size categories larger than it is, and has reach as if it was one size category larger than it is.

    Water Blast (Ex): When the geldegwsets' water pouches are full, it can empty them all at once in a 20 ft cone. All creatures in the cone take 3d6 nonleathal damage and are knocked prone. A dc 19 fortitude save divides the damage by half and negates the prone condition (the save dc is constitution based). All non-magical fires in the cone are extinguished. To use this ability, the geldegwsets must first fill its' water pouches. This is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity when the geldegwsets is standing in water, and a move action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity when the geldegwsets is swimming. If the geldegwsets is on land, it cannot fill its' pouches at all. It is quite common for a geldegwsets to walk around with its' pouches allready filled.


    A geldegwsets has thick, blue grey skin, a broad and heavy lower body with short, stubby legs and long, powerful arms equipped with flat hands seemingly more suitable for a creature three times its' size. The head is small in comparison to the body and on the side of the neck there are thin gills. A geldegwsets can breathe both over and under water, but prefers the water, and is rarely seen far from the river. Its' heavy body is designed to stand in a flowing river without being affected by the stream and to easily sink to the bottom, where it can sleep half buried in the river bed. It does not sleep after any schedual set by nature, but whenever it wants to, often for weeks at a time, to then stay awake for a similar amout of time. The geldegwsets fishes by standing in the river and using its' enormous hands as a basin, lifting up gallons of water at a time and drinking it, along with any fish caught within the water. Below its' neck are large skin pouches where excess water from these drinkings are stored. The geldegwsets can blow this water out through its' mouth, making them an excellent help when putting out forest fires.

    Geldegwsets are usually very friendly, and in fact loves to have conversations with humans, listening with awe and exitement at tales of adventure, big cities and the like. When not eating, they will often stay under and beside bridges or at river crossings, waiting for someone to talk to. It is considered quite rude to cross a river with a geldegwsets beside it and not stay to talk with it for at least a minute or two. Since they have excellent memories, they are often used to pass messenges along to wanderers passing through later. They do not have a great sense of secrecy though, so messages that are private are passed along at the speakers own risk.

    They rarely become violent, except when their life or the life or their family or loved ones are threatened. If somebody pollutes the river the geldegwsets will be very angry, but is more likely to yell at them than strike out at them. Relationships between geldegwsets are very private and intimate and takes place almost entirely under water. Their children live completely submerged until they are grown up. Because of this, not much is known about the geldegwsets family life, except that it is very private, and quite alien to humans.
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