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Honestly, I think the PF stat block is equal, if not a little better than the 3.5 one, it's just that we know how to work the 3.5 block better. It's all a matter of practice.
I think I'm gonna post the modified 3.5 stat block in the first post to make it easier on the homebrewers. Maybe add a few things to keep in mind about pathfinder, like the changes to skills.

I don't know, it could probably use a little more offensive punch. Also, I just noticed the attack line of the Pf version says 'weapon'.
It's not just the skills. When you change to PF, you have to add feats since they give them out at every odd level.

Rhine Maiden: still needs Alternate Form changed to Change Shape in Statblock and an additional feat. I recommend Power Attack for the additional feat.


I'd also like credit in the updated Rhine Maiden please.