Oh, no, it's fine with me. It reads like a proper legend. I just wanted to know if you had a more detailed source somewhere that I could start mining for details.

I thought rock throwing just allowed you to throw rocks. I know some giants have a more detailed description that can specify using one or two hands.

Marvelous! I shall review momentarily.
Well, you certainly accomplished a unique creature, and the difficult goal of making such a powerful beast threatened by red and loud noises.
I would suggest adding a thing to the DR saying the creature's own blood is a different color or something, because otherwise it could be argued that as soon as you deal damage through the DR, the blood would make it so it no longer applied.
But yeah, with the reminder about feats, it needs to have... 13, I think.

Righto, I shall fix things and add your credit.

As for baba yaga, I'm surprised we didn't find that already...

5?! Impressive! Let's see if you can live up to your word.

Very nice! Glad to have new people contributing.
I went through the block and all the math looks right, no complaints here.

I know your critters aren't done, but that picture is CREEPY AS HELL.