Shui Hujing

Gender: Female
Race: Fox Faunus
Occupation: RWBY Huntress
Weapon: Dao Saber
Power Level: C+ to B

Protective Aura

Super Leaping

Semblance: Water Manipulation (Limit: cannot manipulate water inside bodies)

Dao Saber Combat
Unarmed Combat
Super- Acrobatics
Flowing River Spirit Style: is skilled at dodging savage, direct attacks characteristic of Grimm and other such beings, her own attacks are flowing, fast and precise.

Peaceful and calm, she always tries to be flexible and adapt to the situation, to flow into it without any complaint or indication that it has effected her. She does not think highly of those who wield power like a hammer or ram their head through things like a bull, preferring to flow around problems

Wears a blue qipao, has fox ears and wavy black hair done up in a ponytail, is lithe with blue eyes, wields a single chinese Dao or chinese saber sheathed on her back, and she walks with a flowing grace in sandals.

She was raised in a tradition of Hunters, different from the ones we know of. She was raised, in the Flowing River Spirit School of Grimm Hunting. Unlike the philosophies of some other Hunters which they scorn as being “Like Earth and Fire” this school practices a style of fighting where the Huntress flows effortlessly from movement to movement, routine to routine, fight to fight, situation to situation, effortlessly. They teach peace in not control, but letting go of control. They teach The Way of the Flow. To control oneself is stagnate oneself into Earth. But to give in to anger is to give in to Fire. One must be Water and Air. One must learn to be patient and ever moving like water to slowly erode the opposition, and like Air so that their attacks have no effect upon them, for they cannot hit what is light as air.

Shui Hujing was considered especially talented as her Semblance was manipulation of water itself. She mastered Flowing River Spirit Style and had much talent in Chaotic Blowing Wind Style that she was considered one of the top students of the school- so much that the teachers found that they had nothing more to teach her, and so sent her off as an emissary to other Hunters of “The Fire and the Earth” to try and connect with them better. She accepted this duty with grace and without complaint, flowing into her new role readily as she was taught.

However on her way to do so, she encountered a sorcerer that opened up a portal to someplace….beyond. She investigated the portal, only to find there was an entire multiverse beyond all that she had known. She took this in stride, flowing into the new situation like water. The safety of just her world was no longer the priority. The safety of all worlds was now her priority. Except she discovered that Grimm tracks had already gone through before her. The Grimm had already escaped her world. So she jumped through, broke the portal from Nexus’s side and went in search of the Grimm to eliminate them before they spread and cause trouble for all worlds…