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    Default Re: Giants and Graveyards: Grod's collected 3.5 revisions

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Chewy View Post
    You mentioned that you where taking suggestions for uncommon races; Could you by chance find a Drow?
    Yeah, they're probably iconic enough. +2 Int, racial skills in hide and intimidate, weapon familiarity in darkness as an SLA 1/day, a bonus to saves verses spells...

    Quote Originally Posted by Seerow View Post
    I would have liked to get the Mountain Movement ability in there (jump from standing as if you had a running start) and make Sense Motive a racial skill instead of Jump, but I was afraid Powerful Build alone was already pushing it for a LA+0.
    Hey, give 'em Leap of the Heavens as a racial bonus feat. BOOM, LA+0 goliaths. (We're trading a useful active ability for an extra-useful passive; seems alright to me). Probably drop the weapon familiarity, to be a little safer.

    What if they gain something along the lines of Zhentarim Fighter benefits as a racial feature? They already get intimidate as a race skill, maybe let them intimidate an enemy as a swift action in combat?

    Quote Originally Posted by NotScaryBats View Post
    Oh, okay. You basically said 'these spells make random encounters not a thing, and I think random encounters are lame, so I don't care that these spells make random encounters not a thing'

    I didn't realize you meant all that other stuff. In light of that, yeah those spells aren't really an issue.
    I should probably edit the original post.
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