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You may consider adding some ability that lines up with the Use Magical Device skill. It may not be necessary, as this version of an artificer can simply learn spells and doesn't need to use that skill to recreate requisite spells, it was a pretty prominent part of my old Artificer's skill set.

Perhaps a high level discovery that duplicates the skill mastery ability from the original artificer (may take 10 on spellcraft and UMD checks, even if threatened)? Because using scrolls and wands is probably going to be the primary method in which these guys contribute to combat situations, so it'd make sense that they'd get really good at doing that after a while.

Alternatively, split the bonus, allow them to take 10 on UMD checks as the 2nd level ability when not threatened or rushed, and allow that later discovery to be able to do it during combat.
Yeah I had considered doing the old UMD to emulate requisite spells, but I felt with the formula book already there I could just make another 'have spells you can't use for anything but craft' and still not give you whatever you want.

I think a skill mastery discovery is a great idea, thank you.