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    The True Dilettante - New Feat Record - 504 feats
    post by true_shinken

    I saw the record on feats on the world record thread recently reposted as 43 and thought it was kind of low. With Embrace/Shun the Dark Chaos we could potentially get it through the roof, but I think there are issues on that one and will step away from things that can be actually not legal. EDIT: I thought again and decided to use Embrace/Shun the Dark Chaos since CustServ recently said it can't be used with heroics and such. Changed the race to Elf to reflect that.

    Sources used:
    Soulknife, Psychic Warrior (XPH)
    Monk, Fighter (PHB)
    Contemplative (Complete Divine)
    Battle Sorcerer, Flaws, Feat Rogue and Cloistered Cleric are from Unearthed Arcana
    Domain feats are from Complete Champion
    Sword of Righteousness and exalted feats are from Book of Exalted Deeds
    Metamagic Storm is from Complete Mage
    all other locations are from Complete Scoundrel
    Wintervein Dwarves - PHB 2
    halfling skiprock, spinning javelin, harpoon, chakram, throwing iron, orc shoutput - Arms & Equipment Guide
    talenta & xendrik boomerangs - Eberron CS
    Swashbuckler, greatspear, barbed bolas, boomerang, Master Thrower, Reaping Mauler (complete Warrior)
    throwing hammer (Races of Stone)
    war sling (Races of the Wild)
    Chatkcha, Howler Javelin, Salamander Halfspear, Salamander Shortspear (Savage Species)
    Annulet (Planar Handbook)
    Drow Long Knife (Drows of the Underdark)

    Race: Elf
    Classes: Soulknife 1/Fighter 2/Swashbuckler 1/Psychic Warrior 2/Monk 2/Cleric 1/Wizard 1/Contemplative 1/Feat Rogue 2/Ardent 1/Battle Sorcerer 1/Master Thrower 5

    The Feats:
    1- Scribe Scroll [Wizard 1], Sacred Vow [level 1], Vow of Poverty [flaw], any metamagic feat [flaw], Favored of the Companions [VoP], your six bonus proficiency feats (they are feats, check the SRD; all Embraced/Shunned later) [Racial]
    2- Weapon Focus (dagger) [Fighter 1], open exalted feat [VoP]
    3- Weapon Focus (throwing axe) [Fighter 2], Weapon Focus (javelin) [level 3]
    4- open exalted feat [VoP], Weapon Finesse [Swashbuckler 1]
    5- Weapon Focus (club) [Psychic Warrior 1]
    6- open exalted feat [VoP], Weapon Focus (light hammer) [level 6], Weapon Focus (short spear) [Psychic Warrior 2]
    8- Improved Unarmed Strike [Monk 1], Stunning Fist [Monk 1], open exalted feat [VoP]
    9 - Combat Reflexes [Monk 2], Weapon Focus (sai) [level 9]
    10 - Point Blank Shot (Elf Domain) [Cloistered Cleric 1], Weapon Focus (trident) (War Domain) [Cloistered Cleric 1], Knowledge Devotion [Cloistered Cleric 1], open exalted feat [VoP]
    11- WF: any martial weapon [Battle Sorcerer 1]
    12- open exalted feat [VoP], Precise Shot [level 12], open Domain feat [contemplative 1]
    13 - open [Feat Rogue 1]
    14- open exalted feat [VoP], Two-weapon Fighting [Feat Rogue 2]
    15- Quick Draw [Master Thrower 1], Leadership [level 15]
    16- open exalted feat [VoP], Weapon Focus (mind blade) [Soulknife 1], Wild Talent [Soulknife 1]
    18- Snatch Arrows [Master Thrower 4], open exalted feat [VoP], open feat
    19- Weapon Focus (spear) [Ardent 1, Conflict Mantle], Sunder [Ardent 1, Destruction Mantle
    20- open exalted feat [VoP], Improved Critical (dagger, throwing axe, javelin, club, light hammer, short spear, trident, sai, bolas, dart, net, shuriken, spear) [Master Thrower 5]

    Skills: You need Perform 10 (for Heward's Hall), Disable Device 1 (for Iron Wyrm Vault) and max Climb. The rest is pretty open, just take as much Knowledge as you can. Your Cleric cohort can help you succeed in all skill tests required for the location feats with his spells.

    Your Cohort is a Wizard 1/Cleric 5/Dweomerkeeper 10. He can cast Embrace/Shun the Dark Chaos without losing XP.
    Now, ask him to cast Embrace the Dark Chaos on you 6 times, then turn your 6 weapon proficiency feats on Abyssal feats. Then, ask him to cast Shun the Dark Chaos on you 6 times and swap your Abyssal feats for Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bolas), Weapon Focus (bolas), Weapon Focus (dart), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (net), Weapon Focus (net), Weapon Focus (shuriken).

    You are well traveled, and as such has visited a variety of magical locations. You can include this to a character created above 1st level, but a DM might not allow it (Complete Mage, page 142). Let's assume we can. Metamagic Storm gives us a metamagic feat for a year (one year later you simply return and recharge), Court of Thieves grants a Luck feat forever, Frog God's Fane grants Skill Focus (Knowledge), Heward's Hall grants Skill Focus (Perform), the Highest Spire grants you Skill Focus (Climb) for a year (make sure to maximize that Climb check), Iron Wyrm Vault grants you Skill Focus (Disable Device), Otyug Hole grants you Skill Focus (Intimidate). I avoided the Complete Champion ones, since their duration is really short and such.

    Current Total: 61 feats + 7 feat from magical locations = 68 feats

    Things get trickier
    Ok, let me quote the Book of Exalted Deeds:
    A character who willingly and willfully commits an evil act loses all benefits from all his exalted feats.
    First thing to do is Embrace/Shun all the exalted feats gained from VoP. Now, we can get items that grant feats. And since we are not exalted anymore, how about some evil feats? ^_~x
    With this Embracing/Shunning of exalted feats (or other, it doesn't really matter if you don't mess with the Weapon Focus feats), we get Exotic Weapon Proficiency and Weapon Focus with the halfling skiprock, spinning javelin, harpoon, chakram, throwing iron, orc shoutput, talenta boomerang, xen'drik boomerang, greatspear, barbed bolas, boomerang, throwing hammer, war sling, chatkcha, howler javelin, salamander halfspear, salamander shortspear, drow long knife and annulet. That nets us 19 extra Improved Criticals from Master Thrower.
    While we are at it, let's sell our soul (Fiendish Codex II) for two bonus feats. How about devoting to a an elder evil? I don't have Exemplars of Evil/Elder Evils or wherever that rule is, but someone mentioned it gave 3 feats or so.
    Now we have money. Let's found some Weapons of Legacy, shall we? Table 4-2 let's us spend 40000gp to unlock all abilities (gaining three feats for each weapon; Least, Lesser and Greater Legacy). How about 15 Weapons of Legacy? That's 45 extra feats for 600k EDIT: HOLD YOUR HORSES! skydragonknight just pointed me you don't have to advance legacy weapons all the way (sometimes you can't, really). So having 400 legacy weapons is the same price and adds +355 feats to the record.

    Now, retrain your race as dwarf and join the Wintervein Dwarves (PHB 2). Do stuff for them, get your affiliation to 30 and bang! Gain two Weapon Focus feats and two Improved Criticals feats.

    6000gp - Court of Thieves
    2000gp - Frog God's Fane
    5000gp - Heard's Hall
    3000gp - Highest Spire
    3000gp - Iron Wyrm Vault
    3000gp - Otyug Hole
    8000gp - Horizon Goggles [Far Shot]
    10000gp - Dark Blue Ioun Stone [Alertness]
    9000gp - Battle Bridle [Mounted Combat]
    12000gp - Riding Boots [Ride-by Attack]
    4000gp - +1 armor of mobility [Mobility]
    10000gp - Fanged Ring [Improved Natural Attack]
    600000gp - 400 least Weapons of Legacy

    TOTAL: 675000 gold pieces (we still have some change, lol)

    Final Amount of Feats: 61 + 7 (locations) + 19 (more Master Thrower abuse) +5 (elder evil) + 2 (selling soul) + 400 (Legacy) + 4 (Wintervein Dwarves) + 6 (items) = 504 feats on 20 character levels

    Now, this is useless, of course. Unless you Embrace/Shun all your specific feats from classes then retrain yourself to Factotum 8/XXX 12... then use your feats for X Fonts of Inspiration (where X is your Int modifier) and take the rest on TOUGHNESS. Yes, Toughness. Considering Intelligence 30, that means 10 Fonts of Inspiration and +55 inspiration points (Cunning Surge could be used 19 times); with your Toughness feats, you get +1482 hit points. Play with the remaining 12 levels, dropping as many Toughness feats as you need, to setup the most ridiculous action nova you can - mostly anything done 20 times hurts A LOT.

    My thanks:
    archerpwr, for his list of magical locations that grant feats.
    Sinfire Titan, for telling me the first build was illegal.
    BenSan, for noting many things, including some thrown weapons I forgot.
    NiteCyper, for reminding me of archerpwr's thread.
    ChristopherGrooves, for reminding me of Cloistered Cleric
    skydragonknight, for many (really, MANY) suggestions
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