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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    Long time since I wrote. As I warned at the beginning- our meetings are usually about 1 month apart. This session began in the under warrens, but soon reached the ruins of Kenabres. I hope you enjoy!

    Session 3, Part 1- The way out, Blackwing library

    We left off after the tough Battle with Hossila and her minions, Wendaug escaping, and the looting of treasure.

    Back tracking
    Sena's player was worried. Much of their loot was comprised of heavy weighing items- armors, weapons and such, mostly of clutists. the player suspected there won't be any place to get equipment in the city (He's a pessimist in nature), and suggested getting back to Neathholme to trade their stuff. Sena and Andrew had another reason as well- by bringing back the bodies of Hossila and such, they could strengthen their commitment to Chief Sul.

    The 3 NPCs argued against this though, wishing to hurry. but Andrew seems to persuade them. So they back track the short way to Neathholme. On the way they mention the 3 safe houses mentioned in the letter to Hossila (See previous session log), and both Anevia and Horus are surprised at the mension of the Nysserian manor. Apparently Kendro Nysserian borrowed money from Horus, and used that money to buy Arabeth' sword. "Why did you sell the sword" asked Andera. "To get the money needed for my gender transformation magic". The players was surprised at this, asking me "Is this your change?" As I explained this was part of the actual module they seemed pleasantly surprised "It seems modules are becoming progressive finally!" Aravash declares his concern at the possibility of infiltrating the Tower of Estord, as it has been a major archiving establishment. Andrew's face grimace...

    At Neathholme they sold quite a few armors and weapons, mostly to buy the +1 deflection ring for Mad dog, and a few minor potions. Sena brought the bodies of the cultists to Chief Sul. "I pay a debt of generosity." His hand tightened on his morning star, which the chief gave him. "May your son be avenged, and may this bring your heart a measure of comfort". Sena suggests giving back the morning star, but both Chief Sul and Opoli refuse (A bit teary eyed). "This is rightfully yours, light bringer, use this to further vengeance in your struggles". The relationship with the mongelmen goes up a step. They are now more than allies, they are friends.

    One maze before the surface
    The party returns to the warrnes, and by Lann's guidance seeks the way up. I decided that wendaug alerted all remaining mongrelfolk and they all fled to the surface. (Didn't yet know what to do with her), but the last guardians stayed...

    The party reached the cave with the built walls. They were quite cuatious about this, a lot of perception checks and so on. Knowing they are completely depleted of all daily powers and resources, they used Terendelev's scale once more. Feeling refresehd, they ventured in. Now, in the adventure these is a tiny simple maze to go through, with 2 dretch guards. I made them lay in wait, and near the end of the maze there are 2 small alcoves, where they attacked the leading person (Mad dog) from both sides.

    One dretch started slashing, while the other unleashed a stinking cloud, which affected Andera and Harry. As the party tried to deal with the VERY tight confines to fight the two demons, Harry moved back, wretching and puking. Where he met another surprise- the invisible quasit that hid in the southern most alcove.

    Quasit? What quasit?
    As I mentioned before, I am adding more enemies due to the 5th member in the group, instead of four. In this place I thought a quasit could spice things up.

    Now, the quasit's poisonous claws affected Harry quite a bit. In the front Mad dog and Andrew switch places through 5 ft steps, and Andrew comes under a fierce attack of the dretches. at the back, Harry Sena and anevia try to fight the quasit. The battle is short, as Andrew and Mad dog kill the dretches, and the quasit is wounded but disappears before it is killed.

    Then a wicked idea comes to mind- what if it follows the party? with invisibility and crazy stealth it can't be detected, and it could add some nifty complications afterwards. Andrew also thinks of this, and suggest finding the bugger quickly, but they fail to locate it.

    Recognizing the maze as a holy site for Baphomet (The module don't mention this, but I see no other reason for the maze to be there, and it fits thematically) Sena and Mad dog spend some time in braking 2 walls to make the maze a straight way. Horus grumbles that they are losing EVEN MORE time, but they disregard him.

    With that, the party moves on.

    Reaching the surface
    The party follows Lann, who explains that this opening leads to a small mausoleum, with a secret room and entrance (The party think undead ahead ). They reach a tall ladder, and climb up to the third level of the crypt, which has sort of a balcony, from which they see Kenabres.

    As they hear the music, I tell them of what they see- proud, beautiful, thriving Kenabres is ruined now- black smoke, tears in the ground, distant lone screams, desolation of buildings, and the eerie silent of a ghost town, disrupted by the sound of demonic horns.

    All 3 NPCs are distraught. Anevia falls to the ground, openly weeping. Aravash keeps asking Harry what he sees, to which the mage responds in a whisper. "You're fortunate that you can't witness this". Horus is shaken, taking a step back, but quickly becoming angry, saying he will revenge against the demons and such.

    Andrew is shaken as well, but refuses to let it overwhelm him. Sena as well. It is at this that Horus erupts, openly blaming Andrew and Sena for wasting precious time in the tunnels, having them delay over and over again instead of getting back to the surface quickly and fighting the demons. His insults and accusations are severe, even for his usual style. The party doesn't respond kindly, and even think of not escorting him to his manor, as there are other pressing issues. Andrew decides to escort him however, even if it for the hop that he might later on help their fight. They speak of this in front of him, and he is appalled at their lack of concern for his safety. The relationship with him degrades, but he still joins them.

    They then discuss where to go next. They have 6 destinations: The destination of each of the NPCs, and the 3 cultist safe houses. Now, I gave the party maps of Kenabres with the locations indicated. I made slight changes from the locations in the module, mostly putting Topaz Solutions and the Tower of Estrod sooner than the Defender's heart, wishing they'd tackle these places before reaching that place. But on the whole the placements are quite similar.

    Andrew, feeling a better connection with Anevia, thinks of getting to her house first and foremost. But as they discuss with Aravash what sort of resources the Blackwing library could offer the fight ("What do you mean? It's the largest collection of info on demons and their ilk!") The party decides to head there first, as it is the closest place. (Which I think was the intention)

    The quasit was hearing all of this, biding it's time...

    Level up! Level 3
    I nearly forgot about this. The party leveled up, and here are a few of the main choices:
    - Sena took "Selective channeling" as a feat (To use it more effectively in a fight).
    - Andera took "Shadow strike" (Mostly to be able to sneak in areas of partial concealment)
    - Andrew took "improved shield bash"
    - Mad dog took "Cleaving finish", we haven't decided on favored terrain yet.
    - Harry took "spell penetration". His second level spells are scorching ray and some other fire spell (Which causes the target to ignite, forgot what it was)

    Hp wise, Andrew and Mad dog gained well, While Sena and Harry not so much. The party was ready to start again.

    Andrew's first vision
    The party started heading towards Blackwing library, with Andera and Mad dog sneaking ahead of the party (Lann was over awed of the city, preferred others to act as scouts in the place he knew little of). Soon after starting however, Andrew's sight suddenly grew dimmer, dimmer, until an utter dark surrounded him, despite his darkvision. He felt a great despair, sadness, loss around him. Yet, after some more moments, he saw a tiny light, soemwhere distant, flickering, almost fading, fighting, zig aging quickly in the distance.

    Andrew fell to his knee, sword struck to the ground, whispering softly ""Iomadea, there is always light in the darkness... Now I know it for sure!" The others were concerned, he sort of switched off for a few seconds, though it seemed quite a bit longer for him. Sena asked him to what happened, and Andrew relayed the vision. Sena felt encouraged by this "So we have allies in this!" Whiel Mad dog looked at Andrew questioningly "Are you ok? Feeling ill? Do you hear things as well?" But Andrew felt a new sense of purpose, and urged on.

    DM notes
    This is dealing with the sword Radiance. If you read the other thread discussing it, one of the forum members suggested a build up through visions, leading to the finding of Radiance, giving it more importance. I liked the idea, this is the first of such visions.

    On retrospect, it's not that of a GREAT vision... I could have done more with it, but I hope the build up will be nice non the less.

    Battle at The Blackwing library
    As the party started to explore the city, I put the following as background dark ambient music:

    As they neared the library, the made way through the shambles and ruins of the city. The place looked deserted, bodies in the streets, of demons, but mostly of the city inhabitants. Ruined buildings, burning smoulders and more. The city was the remains of a war zone...

    As they reached the library, they saw the scale of devestation- there was no more library, it was a pile of rubble. All that remained was one semi standing building. "Lead me there!" Said Aravahs in a strained voice as he heard the news. As they got closer though, they saw one of the main doors opening, and someone, slightly charred and blackened, with a shield of Iomedae looking at them. "Who are you?" They explained quickly, and he smiled at seeing a paladin of Iomedae, and a cleric of Sarenrae "The demon host will be glad I've dispatched of you!"

    This man was Caleb, a cavalier who turned to pillaging and killing. He blocked the entrance, and started by demoralizing them all, except for Andrew, who was resistant to fear. (the "Dazzling display" ability I think) and challenging Andrew, who quickly came close and was smacked HARD by Caleb (1d8+10 or 11 I think at full. I made slight changes to him).

    As the party drew close, they heard Caleb shout back "Burn them!". Which put all kind of alarm bells with the party. Andera disappeared, and jumped through one of the halls oin the building inside, seeing 4 tieflings. 2 came to help Caleb sniping with arrows from the back, the 2 others were busy putting oil and burning 4 librarians! He got to engage them, but all the rest were outside, with Caleb's high AC blocking most of their attempts. Aravash kept insisting Harry to direct him to action, but Harry could think of no good idea.

    Sena however had an idea- He pulled out his holy symbol and used Murderous command to make Caleb turn back and attack the surprised tiefling! (Caleb moves not under his accord, cursing "WTF?") This enabled the party to get in the room. The librarians started to burn, but the as they clustered around Caleb, they quickly defeated him, and with Sena's healing magic prevented from the librarians burning to death. With Caleb dead, Andrew called upon the tieflings to surrender and release the librarians (The party feared it would take them too long from their positions) and in return he will spare their lives. High diplomacy roll, and they agreed.

    After math in the library
    While Aravash was being welcomed by the librarians, the party was trying to investigate the tieflings. I decided their leader is called Harash. A small debate between the players as to Andrew's promise (Sena's player is a lawyer, he can come up with many meanings) but Andrews' player stuck by the meaning of the words.

    Harash told them that they were raiders, from the Worldwound, where many tieflings lived. The masters said that Kenabres will soon fall, and they came in the after math of the city falling to look and kill. They did tell that most of the stronger demons have left to battle elsewhere, but didn't quite know composition or forces. This seemed quite odd to the party (With justification). The party tried a small attempt at redeem them, but Harash said their souls already belong to Deskari.

    As the tieflings left, under the hateful gaze of all, Harash yelled "See you in hell!" To which Andrew replied "I'll bring a sword!"

    Loot? Loot! Caleb didn't have a lot of stuff, but Andrew took his heavy mace +1 as his primary weapon for now. There was also a burnt out spell book which Harry sat down to copy, with a few nice 3rd level spells. The module also has an 8th or 9th level "dimension something" scroll tucked into it, which I just removed. That was a bit overboard in my opinion.

    The librarians told the party that the Blackwing was one of the first buildings attacked, and it was razed to the ground, by Xanthir Vang, a worm that walks. (Thankfully no one made knowledge checks, I forgot to check upon it). The demon took all the powerful magic items in the place, and destroyed anything but this small building. Aravash was truly devastated. "So I am the last...". Confused, Sean asked him "The last of what?" Aravash said he wss the last of the Rift Wardens, wot which Harry perked up. "The last of WHAT?!"

    Harry's campaign trait is Riftwarden Orphan. So he tried and get some info, but due to the module not supplying any such info, I ended up with Aravash making some lame saying of "prophecy of someone with the power" and blah blah... Aravash said he will try to look more into the matter. (When I will.)

    The librarians suggested to search maybe for Quendyss, a head researcher of the place.

    A discussion then begins a new of whether to go to Horus' manor, or to the Nysserian manor. Andrew seeks mostly to gain Horus' aid in the fight, even though he won't help them directly (Horus keeps saying he can organize people to fight the demons, if he gets to his base of operations), While the others are mostly interested in what he can give them. Hearing that Horus has somewhat prepared to such an eventuality, Sena even suggests going there and raiding the place, and "burrowing" what they needed for the fight.

    This was done without trying to hide it from Horus, which inflamed him, and he exploded. "You want to steal from me? After you dallied in the tunnels, carrying these two behind you instead of rushing to the fight, and now delaying once more to help these measly librarians..."
    Which is when Sena back slapped Horus, sending him to the floor. "Youa want to say that about the librarians again? Every life. Every. Life. Even yours, is worth saving! What were you saying again?!" It was at this point that I understood I made Horus too much of an obnoxious person. He stood up, wiping the blood from under his nose. His face was angry, but slightly palacated. "You were right in this at least. I apologize, my tempr has gotten away from me. But you have no right to steal from me. I will give you some supplies, as we agreed, but no more. While I won't fight or deter you, I think your judgement is lacking, I will not follow you once we get to my mansion. I will raise my own resistance".

    This has settled the dispute, and the party was ready to leave. Aravash decided to stay. "What remains, lore and people, are my responsibility now. We shall barricade ourselves, try to see this through. Thank you friends, and I'm sure Harry, that your destiny will come forth."

    With that, the party left towards Horus' manor.

    Ok, I'll stop here for now. Hope you like this. I will post the second part hopefully in the next few days.
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