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    Okay folks, as I said in the first post of the recruitment thread:

    "Posting Rate: Preferably once per day, but if I haven't responded to your last post, you're not obligated to post. I might not post every single day, and I'll lend you the same privilege, but try not to hold up the group."

    With a big group, it'll take forever for everybody to come to a decision, which is part of the reason I'm going to give all of you individual freedom. If you want to go over there, but the group is either unresponsive or against the idea, you can go ahead and do it. If you want to go talk to the local priest, you don't have to ask the group to do it, you can just go, and meet back up with them later, or if nobody else decides to do anything, it can be assumed that they all went with you. You're not obligated to remain a party (but it's generally a good idea).

    This might be frustrating if you're the careful planning type (like me), but it's also pretty realistic in my experience. If you want, you can try to elect a party leader to make most of the decisions, and maybe a second post for party speaker, but even if you do, you can still choose to go against their decision. Or, you can come up with something I haven't thought of.

    When I post, I'm going to be putting some amount of creativity and effort into describing things and characterization; you are not expected to do this. You don't need to show what your character thinks or feels, you don't have to describe their actions. You do need to specify what they actually say IC with your text color, and keep all mechanical/OoC/rolls stuff in spoilers.

    I don't intend on prompting you guys into a certain course of action, you're going to be starting in town, and what you do is up to you. The "sandbox" of the game is the town, the dungeon, and whatever lies between them. Don't go outside of that; explore town if you like, then go do the adventure/dungeon (coming back to town as you see fit). Besides that, it's all up to you.

    I will be rolling all the stuff you shouldn't know the result of (some dex skills, most int/wis/cha skills, saves, initiative [to save time], and probably something else that I'm forgetting). If you want to use one of those skills, just say so, either IC or OoC, and I'll roll it. I'm going to be rolling stuff with my dice at home, and you're not going to see what I roll. You don't need to decide to use sense motive or knowledge checks, I'll roll those automatically, but if you want to proactively use knowledge, say so in a spoiler. Anytime someone drops into the negatives, their HP will be between that person and me; you won't know their condition automatically (though sometimes it's obvious that they're dead).

    Initiative will be tricky; I'm going to get rid of the stuff in my signature and put a turn counter in there (which I will update all the time) with spells and statuses, etc. To save time, I want to (try to) use block initiative, which means that if Osra, Risper, and Magnar roll higher than all your enemies, they can each post. Whoever of those three posts first goes first, until all three have posted, then whichever enemies rolled higher than the rest of you go, then the next pc or group of pc's, and so on. It's not exactly like normal initiative, but it's close, and having a good score still matters.

    I will assume each of your characters takes the first AoO available to them, unless you specify otherwise beforehand. When it comes time to claim items, you'll need to decide who gets them, and whoever does get them needs to list them on their sheets and add in the weight. I will be keeping track of encumberance, and I will prod you to if you don't do it yourself.

    I want you all to know that there are no barred tactics. If you want to lure the gnolls out of the cave and roll heavy rocks onto them from above as they do, instead of fighting them hand-to-hand, thats fine. If you want to shoot at them, then run away into the forest, then come back and try to do it again, you can do that. If you want to try and hire some muscle from town to go with you, you can do that. Whatever your character would be able to do, is probably* (we'll see) okay, but I'm going to go by the rules as much as possible. You can PM me with stuff the others shouldn't know, and anytime you roll a bluff check (regardless if against NPC's or PC's), PM me; don't just roll.

    Lastly, this is a game where PvP is possible (but not encouraged). The game is roleplay-lite, but even so, you are playing a character, and can choose to not accept the actions or decision of others. I'm not going to say much else about this; just know that PvP can end a game quickly, and don't let things get petty or personal. Be mature, have fun. If you have a problem with the way I run the game, just say so; you won't hurt my feelings. Likewise, suggestions are always welcome.

    Here's the big 16 with the racial rules and house rules, if you need to reference it.

    If you have questions, ask away. I'll have the IC up sometime tomorrow.

    I am not a friendly/chummy/talkative person, so don't think I hate you because I'm not saying much. The OoC is completely open to whatever you guys want to talk about, and don't worry about cluttering it up.
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