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    Default Re: The Index Reloaded --- (Index of the Giant's Comments II)

    It seemed obvious to me, but I do recall at the time of "Tidying Up" coming out, there were some questions and concerns about it. Especially regarding the difference between "Command Undead" the spell and "Command Undead" the cleric ability. (It's a good rules explanation post, if nothing else.) There were also some people who questioned the logistics of Redcloak's orders or doubted all was as it seemed for various reasons.

    Which is why I don't necessarily think the bar is well set at the point of "well it was obvious to me."

    Besides not all the uses of the index are just to clarify the genuinely unclear. Sometimes having definitive statements "yes, this is what happened" is useful in discussing ideas or theories where in-panel evidence is considered "arguable" but Word of Giant carries obvious finality. You want to shoot down some theory quick, it's often more fruitful to link to something the Giant said than to point to a strip and say it proves your argument.

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    Oh wow, and I just noticed that you re-wrote the panel dialogue, too. Nice work.
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