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    Default Re: The Index Reloaded --- (Index of the Giant's Comments II)

    Quote Originally Posted by Shale View Post
    I don't see the point in including every comment that boils down to "Rich composes panels for a reason." It's about as useful as explaining that shot of Banana ordering people around.
    That's not what it boils down to. It actually specifies the reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by orrion View Post
    I'd argue the intent was crystal clear from the comic itself, but they're not redundant.

    I'm not sure that's actually insight into the creative process. What does it tell you - that he doesn't portray horrific things in the comic? That's false. Horrific things have been portrayed before. This horrific thing was unnecessary and so it wasn't portrayed, but it doesn't tell you anything about what is or isn't unnecessary (which is where I'd think the insight would be).
    I'm still not sure why the fact that an answer doesn't tell us something other than what it tells us means it's not useful or actually insight. Sure, the answer could tell us more. But that doesn't mean it tells us nothing.

    In this case, he gave a specific reason about why he went with "chomp chomp."

    I don't think it needs to be included, it's basically 'the stuff that the comic depicted? That's what really happened. The end.'
    Actually, it says "That stuff a character said, but that wasn't depicted, really happened." I thought it actually happened when I read it, but the confusion between cleric and wizard command undead powers, and their abilities to command suicidal actions, has cropped up before.

    I assumed he was simply house-ruling, though, so there was new information in this for me.

    there's still no reason to believe that something different happened in that comic than was depicted.
    And yet, he posted that because someone did believe the different thing happened. Mainly because it wasn't actually depicted in the comic.
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