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    Default Re: The Index Reloaded --- (Index of the Giant's Comments II)

    Quote Originally Posted by B. Dandelion View Post
    You want to shoot down some theory quick, it's often more fruitful to link to something the Giant said than to point to a strip and say it proves your argument.
    I have to point out that you used the word "fruitful" in the sentence immediately before quoting The Linker's rendering of the Bandana-less Banana.

    As for the quote...we do already have this info linked in the Index, under Why Destroy Tsukiko's Remains if Redcloak was just going to tell Xykon he killed her?
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    Redcloak drastically reduced the possibility that Xykon could question Tsukiko, the craftsman, or even the wights about his scheme by eliminating their corpses.
    That being the case, I don't see what this new quote would add.
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