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    Default Re: The Index Reloaded --- (Index of the Giant's Comments II)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jasdoif View Post
    As for the quote...we do already have this info linked in the Index, under Why Destroy Tsukiko's Remains if Redcloak was just going to tell Xykon he killed her?That being the case, I don't see what this new quote would add.
    Ah, nice. Yeah, that quote makes the one being proposed redundant.

    Quote Originally Posted by B. Dandelion View Post

    It doesn't seem to address the dual uses of "Control Undead," however.
    That's just a rules clarification, though. Why cite the Giant clarifying the rules when we can just cite the rules?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalmegil View Post
    And you got the specific reasons. You keep leaving that part out. Your paraphrase notwithstanding, we're not discussing a general statement. It's a specific statement that in this case, this particular reason led to the artistic choice.
    It's a reason. It might not be the only reason. For instance, he may have chosen to forgo showing that because it was even more chilling to show Redcloak's impassive demeanor in the face of it, and also because the audience, left to their own imaginations, will dream up their own horrors. Or because Tsukiko isn't a very important character, and Redcloak is. Or none of those reasons. Or 10 additional ones I didn't think of.

    The specific reason tells us zilch. It's not a rule, it's not a tenet, and it's not an explanation of or method for how/when/where to apply the reason.

    That's a feature, not a bug. If the index is just to present complete and finished statements by the Giant that provide some arbitrarily selected level of "insight," I'd like to know that so I can stop dedicating time to it. But its purpose isn't limited to that. But as of now, at least, it's "meant primarily to provide easy access to direct statements from the author for the purpose of forum discussion." If that's not the case, the rules should be updated to reflect it.
    It has to provide what fits the definition of the word. You're throwing "insight" around with regard to the creative process like it means "every single decision ever made no matter how big or small." That's not what "insight" means. That's like me telling you I had an orange for a snack yesterday afternoon because I was hungry and you telling me it provides insight into my eating habits.

    Might the huge combination of data eventually give you some insight? Yes, which I suppose is your point. Does that mean each individual comment is itself insightful? No. At best it's a misnomer.

    It's a very common means of analysis to gather multiple situations, each with seeming simple meaning, and combine them to gain a deeper understanding. The fact that we know the Giant shows horrific scenes in some cases, but chose not to do so here, gives us additional knowledge about how he creates.
    And that's where we disagree because such an analysis has no guarantee of being accurate. You cite the social sciences where they use the method to create a hypothesis to be tested - how exactly are you going to test yours here?

    We're just not going to agree on this, period. If you want to keep the quote for your own purposes, that's fine, but i don't think it needs to be indexed. Ironically, I think the quote Jasdoif mentions provides more insight than this one ever will.
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