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    Default Re: The Index Reloaded --- (Index of the Giant's Comments II)

    Quote Originally Posted by Shale View Post
    I don't see the point in including every comment that boils down to "Rich composes panels for a reason." It's about as useful as explaining that shot of Banana ordering people around.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Linker View Post

    I apologize for the off-topicness.
    Wow. The Linker just won this thread. Which is amazing, since this thread shouldn't be winnable.

    Hmm, what could we give as a consolation prize, since The Linker can't win the thread?

    Quote Originally Posted by Loreweaver15 View Post
    I'm gonna vote that the third thread have "We've left a banana in charge" somewhere in the title.
    There we go! Problem solved.

    (Seriously, The Linker, that was hilarious and amazing! Kudos!)

    Back on topic, I think that the quote about Redcloak using his Command Undead class feature and not the Command Undead Cleric spell, could be an addendum to the "Why Redcloak had the Wights Eat Tsukiko" post.
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