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Fsti may be a dual wielding compulsively evil sasquatch though.

Some of he sites mention the Indacinga lifting houses and smashing them into kindling.
I dunno, they have all the typical hallmarks of sasquatch encounters. Tall, hairy man, lives in the woods, foul smell. Also, tree-breaks have been mentioned several times in my research as a theorized method of territory marking for wild sasquatch. Sounds like the Fsti Capcaki is just a particularly aggressive, territorial sasquatch, or group thereof. (Also, am I the only one whose brain keeps trying to 'correct' Fsti Capcaki into Fist Cupcake? Which sounds awesome...)

Oh, yeah, then, that would require them to be quite large. Perhaps gargantuan, if not colossal? I feel we don't want to overuse the colossal size category, and gargantuan seems underused in my mind.