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    Bounty Boards

    Outside each compound is a board on which bounties are posted for any adventurers who feel up to taking on the challenges they offer. Players are welcome to follow up on any of these bounties or come up with their own plans and ideas.

    Sir Roschdale's bounties:


    Wanted for questioning

    It seems the rat attacks upon our people have been orchestrated by a foul Wererat who was turning the vermin to his own ends and using them to cover his activity. He has been driven out of town and is no immediate danger to anyone but I am authorizing a bounty on the head both of the Wererat and his accomplices. They will rue the day they ever came to Landing!

    2500gp: The head of the Wererat himself, whether still attached to his body or not.
    2500gp: There is possibility that these attacks are linked to a Relic, a lingering magic item from before the Pulse. We will offer 2500gp for recovery of the Relic should it prove to be the source of this evil.
    1000gp dead, 1500gp alive: Daria - Female Human
    1000gp dead, 1500gp alive: Qinove - Female Gnome
    1000gp dead, 1500gp alive: Tyrvoril - Male Half Elf

    Missing People!

    On the night of the 26th there were several reports of disturbances in town and the following people have been reported missing. Please check up on them and let us know if they have been found and whether we should be organising search parties.

    Adtharn - Male Dwarf, last seen heading towards the forests - found
    Daria - Female Human, last seen at home
    Howard - Male Human, last seen at home - body recovered
    Qinove - Female Gnome, last seen at home
    Rike - Male Human, Last seen drinking at the Anchor - found
    Tyrvoril - Male Half Elf, last seen unknown, strange noises heard from house on the day of disappearance
    Welrana, Female Halfling never returned from the market - body recovered

    Destroy the Owlbears - 500gp1000gp!

    We are considering founding another village along Waterbrook and inland from Landing. Hunting, logging and farming activity could be based in this village. We do not know the range on those Owlbears though so the proposed location may be too close. I am adding a bounty of 500gp from King Peter's coffers to the existing bounty from the Free States. Eliminate those beasts and we can finally start using that land for farming, hunting and lumber.

    Additionally those who defeat the Owlbear will be invited to suggest a name for the new Settlement although I reserve the right to make the final decision.

    A second note has been tacked on: Increased bounty to 1000gp, let's get rid of these beasts!

    Rescue the Scouts

    I care about the fate of every expedition member, and while I do not have enough men to help directly I will personally add to the bounty for the recovery or rescue of the missing scouts.

    For each missing scout I will pay a bounty of 150gp to the person who brings them back alive. Alternatively should our fears be realised I will pay 50gp for proof of each scout's fate.

    Cleanse water supply - 1000gp

    There are few safe places to land ships on this blasted land, and we chose this location due to the presence of the small river known as Waterbrook. Unfortunately on regular occasions the water runs brown and many people who drink from it during that time become seriously ill. Now people are reluctant to drink from it at all even when it has the usual coloration and and we are reliant on imported drinking supplies. Follow the stream upriver, locate and remove the source of the taint.

    Wipe out the Giant Rat nest - 1000gp

    On the night of the 28th a large number of giant rats the size of dogs ran through Landing attacking people. No-one was killed by there were a number of injuries, some quite serious. There must be a nest of these beasts somewhere in town. Find it and wipe out the vermin, none must survive or they will just spawn more of their unclean kind!

    Countess Trevail's bounties:

    We have established peaceful contact with a community of Pixies living east of town. No residents of Landing or our other settlements are to disturb them without invitation. Peaceful relations with our new neighbors are of paramount importance for the ongoing prosperity of our town. Consequentially unless traveling with someone carrying a Holey Stone or directly invited by the Pixies the area is strictly off limits for travel and all other uses.


    Destroy the Owlbears - 1000gp

    A breeding pair of Owlbears is living in The Twilight Woods. Their cubs have been slain but they remain and are incredibly dangerous. They must be eliminated before any further scouting expeditions can enter that entire section of woods. Do not under any circumstances climb Silvercrown hill.

    Clear Twilight Woods - 1000-1250gp

    The Twilight Woods stand southeast of town, and our scouts have found timber within that has valuable properties. However something dangerous also lurks within the wood as the scouts that found the timber also reported finding the tracks of some large creature. The scouts went back to investigate further and are now a week overdue to return. Destroy the creature or creatures within the woods and secure the area for a bounty of 1000gp. Additionally I will pay 50gp for each of the five members of the scouting party to either rescue them or find definitive knowledge of their fate.

    Durtan Ironbeard's bounties:



    Clear the Old Mine - 2000gp
    First level - 3000gp - Completed
    To reach Cold Iron - 1500gp and a Cold Iron item of your choice - Completed
    To reach Mithral - 1500gp and a Mithral item of your choice - Cancelled due to discovery of potentially friendly inhabitants on that level.

    A potentially viable old mine containing at least Iron Ore and possibly more has been located north-west of the Stoneforge location. The mine has almost certainly been occupied by undesirable creatures and may be unstable or otherwise unsafe. Clear the mine of hazards so that it can be re-opened.

    Additionally early reports suggest that the mine may contain rare metals, should this be true those who clear the mine will be able to request any one weapon or armour to be made of each special metal found. They will receive the first item forged from the produce of the mine. The mining, refining and forging process could take several months or longer depending on the size and complexity of the item but the first item made will be yours.

    Locate the Giant Ant nest - 500gp

    Tracks of Giant Ants have been seen in the area north of the Stoneforge location. Identify the Ant's nest and estimate its size. A bounty may be offered for eradicating the nest if it is close enough to Stoneforge to be a problem but for now we just need its location and size.

    Secure the Stoneforge Location - 1500gp

    We are planning a new settlement to be named Stoneforge, my kin will lead the way but we invite all others from this expedition to join us lest we repeat the mistakes of the past and split once more into feuding factions. We require people to map the area around the proposed settlement location and to ensure that no dangerous beasts make their lair nearby.

    Locate building stone - 1000gp

    This area be all wood, mud and chalk. We can improve both the harbour and the town defenses a lot if we be getting stone of a the right quality. Our Quarymaster be saying that the hills southwest of town may contain suitable stone, we require people with appropriate knowledge to survey the area and identify a location where we can quarry good building stone and get it back to Landing.

    Elgan Graceling's bounties:


    Identify the Sunken City - 500gp

    Maps from before the Pulse are sketchy at best but if we could identify the sunken city just north of Landing that will help us start to match up our new location with what we know of Pyreal before the cataclysm reshaped the land. I'll pay 500gp to anyone able to find evidence as to the name of the Sunken City or to find a sufficiently distinctive landmark to allow us to identify it.

    Investigate the tower - 750gp

    A tower from before the Pulse still stands upon the cliff overlooking the harbour. This would make an excellent watch tower and defensive point. Investigate the tower and ensure nothing dangerous lurks within. Be aware that the cliff has collapsed by the tower so reaching it may be perilous.
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