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Mm, I feel this class ridicules the actual struggle performance artists face, unless you are specifically talking about hipsters in which case they don't have enough focus on their art to justify being bereft, where as taking class levels implies focus. Here's a good vid about performance artists (Dresden Dolls): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMj_P_6H69g

@The class in general
I think it should have a few aspects:
Makeup Artistry
Physical Ability
Diplomancer (as per your flavor)

@Only Artistic
I feel costuming would play a better part here, I think what would be a nice thing to do is allow the player to craft a mundane costume and then copy the attributes of another item onto the costume with a flat bonus (probably +cha) with a gold cost capacity depending on effective character level.

Let's say you have loot from the last 4 sessions, you have some bracers of dawn, a +1 deflection AC livingmetal armor and some truesight goggles. You would check the table making sure all the items were worth less than your total gold per character wealthy chart (printed on the class and modified a bit) then you'd use your class ability to drain the essence from your items and put it in your costume gaining a +1 deflection AC livingsilk truesight costume of dawn that fills your hand, torso and eye magic slots and your original items would lose the transferred benefits.


@Human or Dancer
I like this actually, but I feel wisdom should play a bigger part in the class, dancing is about being present with your body so this really fits, but I think you should add Wisdom as the key attribute instead of Cha for dance in terms of how it applies to technical things like UMD.

If you want any more PEACH or want to trade PEACH let me know.
I like these suggestions, actually. I think I'll work on incorporating them. Maybe the bonus to the perform check should be the Wisdom modifier, not the class level, since all charisma skills already get a bonus equal to your class level. Yeah, that works. Hmm. I especially like the costume idea. Since this is only a 5 level PrC, the gold cap should probably be based on Character level, not class level. Or incorporate both like the Thrallherd, and the class level counts twice.

As for the ridicule, yeah, a bit, though it is also self deprecating. Theatre and interpretation of literature, (similar to slam poetry or monologue acting,) were a lot of what I did back in school, and I still act semi-professionally though I prefer BTS work. So I'll say here that I do understand the plight of performance art even though I'm poking fun with this class.