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So, switching from a straightforwards and well working format to something that makes me take screencaps of the tables to avoid the hassle?

Alright, I guess... Gonna go rev up my screencap engine...
As Rawhide said it wasn't possible to keep the old table function/syntax while upgrading the forum.

Since from what I heard the forum upgrade might have some really good stuff in store (possible return of the search function or return of the polls are two things I have heard), I think it is a good choice anyway.

Also I really like the new syntax (using whitespace as delimiter for rows is imo just really bad), so I would even like this f it is the only change that will happen.

Also since a graphical interface for table generation is announced, you should see whether that will make it easier for you.

@Zherog: In your "demonstration" table you said "I can now have a cell that spans rows just by hitting my return key!". I think you probably mean "multiple lines" (or something saying that you can have linebreaks inside table cells easily - which is also a nice bonus we will get ), but spanning rows/columns is not a thing that is going to happen right now [at least that is what Rawhide has said].t