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Thread: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    Qazzquimby's Homebrew

    The Party - Play as four characters without being grossly overpowered.

    Shapeless Master - Ozodrin/Swarmlord Prc

    The Monacan - Avoid combat, steal everything.

    The Din Child - Hit things really hard, in exciting ways.

    The Slender Man - Homebrew merge of other's work as well as my additions.

    The Ley Siphon - Homebrew merge battlefield controller.

    The Dreamscape Conduit - Homebrew merge dream controller.

    Horrific fighter fix gestalt - Homebrew merge of other's work into something completely unplayable.

    The Puissamanticst - Field gramarist and combat specialist

    The Dethanatologist - Gramarist Necromancer

    Transvolution - Discipline focusing on combining creatures into freakish hybrids

    Reliquadratics - Discipline focusing on playing with time without breaking campaigns

    Puissamantics - Joint discipline with Rolep, focusing on changing the qualities of puissance, building lasers, ect

    Rules and Forumulae - Not gramarie specific, and far more accurate than RAW
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