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    Original Systems

    Alea Iacta Est!
    Cards over Swords (WIP).

    Base prestige classes for 3.5

    The Arcane Archer.
    The Arcane Trickster.
    The Assassin.
    The Blackguard.
    The Duelist.
    The Dragon Disciple.
    The Dwarven Defender.
    The Horizon Walker.
    The Loremaster.
    The Mystic Theurge.
    The Shadowdancer.

    The Agent Retriever.
    The Cosmic Descryer.
    The Divine Emissary.

    The Pyrokineticist.
    The Psion Uncarnate.

    Other Fix Classes
    The Worldspeaker (Truenamer fix).
    The Grant Vivimancer (Not really a Dread Necromancer fix).

    Original Classes
    The Cantrip Mage.
    Crystal Chronicles classes.
    The Honour Guard.
    The Mechanical Warrior.
    The Nihilist.
    The Spellslinger and the Pslinger.
    The Devoted Specialist.
    The Feragenitor. (Contest: Second place?)
    The Cultist of the Apocalypse. (Contest: Second place.)
    The Dungeon Master. (Contest: First place.)
    The Warrior of the Dawn. (Prestige.)
    The Warp Mage. (Contest: Second place; based on Warhammer Fantasy Battle)
    The Ineffable Disciple. (Amkii strikes again!)
    The Commander.
    The Splitsoul.
    The Exemplar.
    The Fortune-Teller.
    The Supporter.
    The MLG Quickscoper. (Contest: Second Place.)
    The Adventurer.
    The Shaman.
    The Mindwielder.
    The Aether Guard, the Mystic and the Artisan.
    The Soldier.
    The Living City. (Epic PrC)
    The Fabulauirtis. (Mythos Parody)
    The Vassal-Thrower (PrC).
    The Implanter (PrC).
    The Portal Mage.

    Class in 30 Minutes Project
    The Stuffshaper.
    The Traveller.
    The Avatar.
    The Chronologist.
    The Usurper.
    The Nexus Caster.
    The Gaia Disciple.
    The Researcher.
    The Spirit Host.
    The Outrider.
    The Nekomancer. (Warning: May be highly silly.)
    The Martial Artist.
    The Hitman.
    The Charlatan.
    The Animalist. (Also Hypermundane)
    The Energist.
    The Overloaded.
    The Blastmage.
    The Empowered. (This one was made in just 10 minutes!)
    The Cloner.
    The Prestige Monk and The Prestige Druid.
    The Feral Soul.
    The Ironclad.
    The Hypnotist. (Also Hypermundane)
    The Madness Disciple.
    Best of the Rest: Courier, Hospitaller, and Scholar
    Taboo Mage.
    Sacred Assassin.
    The Ballistarius.
    The Living Saint.
    The Bladewing.
    The Twincaster.
    The Machine Cultist.
    The Fencer.
    The Juggernaut.
    The Divinity (Epic PrC).
    The Spellshatter (Short PrC).

    Hypermundanes Project
    The Veteran.
    The Mundane Trickster.
    The Ascetic.
    The Berserker.
    The Witch Hunter.
    The Ascendant.
    The Virtuoso.
    The Daredevil.
    The God Hunter.
    The Invisible Blade.
    The Immortal Soul.

    Elite Spellcasting Project
    The Leveller.
    (Spell list part 2.)
    The Terror.
    The Apothecary.
    The Maker.

    Class Mashup Project
    The Temporal Demi-Artificer of Might.
    The Stone Rat Priest of Decadence.
    The Glyph Reaver of Warding.
    The Inverse Fighter of Treachery.
    The Xenobard of Love.
    The Scroll Mercenary of Wisdom.
    The Laser Scout of Chaos.
    The Technoassassin.

    Inventions Project

    Momentum project
    The Disciple Apparent.
    The Paragon Militant.
    The Guardian Immortal.
    The Veteran Superior.
    The Knight Exemplar.
    Combo List.
    Finishing Move List.
    Skill Combo List.

    The Mutant Dragon Pyromaniac.

    Cometar, Lunar and Cosmic Angels.
    Panarut Inevitable.
    Spineshark Skyship.
    Slivers. (MtG conversion)


    Elite Equipment (Nonmagical items for high-level characters).
    Mundane items for magic item slots.
    Mundane weapon and armour enhancements.

    The Internet.
    Paths of Sacrifice.
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