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    Looking at first glance out-of-place in such an area of death, a celestial-armored figure approaches. An old cloak is drawn over its head and shoulders to prevent reflection, but occasionally a twinkle of shining metal makes itself known. A hand-and-a-half sword of cold iron hangs from its back and a silver warhammer dangles from its belt. A buckler covers its left arm and its left hand it clutches the handle of a small silver bell, as if for comfort.

    The armored figure is wary and scans its surroundings. No breath issues forth from the visor of its helm. It seems unaffected by the nightly chill, although those with the ears to hear it would make out fervent mutters. Eventually it draws close to the hooded being in the center. A young dragon was inspecting the graves nearby, but those who paid close enough attention could tell that she was here for the same purpose and was just putting on appearances. Taking a cue from the young dragon, the new arrival begins inspecting the gravestones of those buried in the cemetery. There was no doubt that the meeting would begin soon.

    Sense Motive (for Martha): (1d20+4)[23]
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