The cloaked figure looks about at the group, and speaks softly, "I had hoped more people would come, but this will have to do for now." Her voice is soft, but it carries, and she's easy to hear. "First off, I suppose I should answer your question: no, wings weren't required, though they do have many tactical applications. Anyways, you all know the basics of why your here. The Dark Mistress needs to be dealt with. As you know, she's conquered most of the continent. Recently, though, she's discovered that the temples of Ehlonna have been giving shelter and aid to some of those who continue to oppose her, as well as refugees from the cities she's done more significant damage to. I've recently discovered that she's sending groups into the woods, to try to infiltrate and corrupt the temple hierarchy. I'm hoping you all can stop her. The troops are moving through the woods 2 days from here, and with them is a man named Ordesiel Silvane. He's the one who can work the magic she needs to spread her corruption. Once you've slain him, the temple should be able to defend themselves." Suddenly, she speaks more firmly, and makes several motions with her hands. In front of her appears an illusory man, with ragged black hair, weathered skin, and piercing blue eyes. He's clad in a green robe with a simple rope belt. "This is him. I don't know how many soldiers they have, or how they're armed, but he'll almost certainly be well protected, and has powerful magic in his own right."