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    My Homebrew:

    Random Classes:
    Toriko, Gourmet Hunter
    Coco, Gourmet Hunter
    Udyr, the Spirit Walker
    The Goldfish Dealer
    The Faker
    The Tank

    Base Class Contest Submissions
    XXII: The Soul Reaper. Not my best.
    XXIV: The Draconic Channeler. I liked it.
    XXV: The Corner Dweller. My first love.
    XXVI: The Munchkin. Repetitive randomness > scheduled change. A good pastime, pretty good.
    XXVII: The Care Bear. Never finished it, and I feel sad because it seemed to have such potential.
    XXIX: The Karoshi Suicide Salaryman. Very funny, and it got me third place, so it's a good thing.

    Ancillary Contest Submissions
    IV: Gangster Feats

    Fixes + Stuff:
    Better Alignments
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    My Homebrewer's Signature