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    An Empirical Study of the Native Peoples of Telluris
    Sojourner Faeywal of The Enclave of Existence in Aloren

    I have devoted the past 10 years of my life to the collection and study of the mysterious Kobolds native to my homeland of Aloren. Originally a member of a team tasked with investigating and understanding the Kobold sightings my interest in the diverse races has only grown as time has gone on. With progress being made in the investigation of the Kobolds I find more time freed to pursue my own passions and it is the desire of this Scholar to focus instead on the known races of our world and attempt in some way to catalog current data collected by other students of life.
    Of course, my first destination was Lyradis, they themselves owning the great Bestiary that hold similar goals as my own, and while I had found the local scholars charged with its protection knowledgeable and helpful there was much that was still not known. Thus I set out to travel the lands of Telluris and catalog what is seen and known of the mortal races.

    First Missive: An Overview of the Racial Demographics and Locations as Generally Understood
    I write from the road, my destination the Blazing Temple, it is my hope that the monks may have scrolls or tomes detailing ancient demographic layouts as well as possibly histories that local nations may have lost. It is my understanding that the monks are currently experiencing a conflict of faith of some sort, I only hope it does not interfere with my research. In any event I have begun to sketch in my understandings of racial distributions and demographics on a world map I had brought with me from the Enclave. Having it should help me establish an idea on where to focus investigations on racial origins and areas of significant concentration.


    Red Regions Represent native Humans
    Golden regions represent native Berapi
    Green regions represent native Lizardfolk
    Light Blue regions represent native Fey Blooded Humans or Fey
    Brown-Orange regions represent native Mawa
    Dark Blue Regions represent native Goblins
    Pink-Violet Regions represent native Tekorvans or other Half Giants
    Dark Grey Regions represent native Ratfolk populations
    Indigo Regions represent native Dwarven populations
    Violet Regions represent native Orcish populations
    Grey Regions represent native Catfolk populations

    For Under Regions I have decided to list known under regions and their most populous race as I do not yet have a map of their layout, though Farwalker Tyuvar assures me Scholars are working to complete one.
    Bereginia (2B) - Believed to be Dwarves, further investigation needed
    Eyrecradia (5B) - A variety of mineral based elves, research has suggested a possible ancestral connection to the more prolific dwarves.
    Razdis (13B) - Heavy Dwarven populace
    Elbaraz (14B) - Mix of Half Dwarves, Dwarves, Adapted Humans, and Goblins
    Keldagrim (15B) - Dwarven populace
    Yorukun (17B) - Native Yorukun populace (Note: Research indicates a trove of knowledge held here, investigate)
    Under-Sympol (18B) - Unknown Local trends would suggest some species of Yorukun or Dwarves
    Under-Bordeux (20B) - Unknown Local trends might suggest Dwarves

    It can be perhaps inferred that Lizardfolk originated somewhere in the crescent of the Central Sea based on evidence of their current positions but their origin will need to be investigated.
    Berapi seem to have an affinity for northern areas though further investigation will be needed to discover from which area of the world they originated.
    Fey blood plays a strong part in the central area, and from my readings of Kasumor history texts there may have once been a fey power that ruled these lands thus explaining the presence of this blood. Goblins make up a small portion of the population, and histories report their living in relative squalor in Elbaraz as well as in Zargrim before their absorption into the Hurosha Empire. Detailing behind their origins may be difficult to acquire.
    Beastfolk seem most prominent around the northern tip of the eastern sea, further investigation is needed but this scholar speculates a possible connection to the fey blood prevalent to their south considering the animalistic qualities inherent in the fey blooded.
    Dwarves are perhaps the most perplexing, as they seem spread out across the known world but there is much distance between one Dwarven hold and the next. It is my hope the long lived Dwarves may have answers to my questions as to why.
    Mawa are a local exception in the largely human dominated southern half of the central continent and most certainly prompt further inquiry.
    The same might be said of the Orcs, who's origins are certainly puzzling. This scholar suspects possible migration from the east or south.
    Ah yes, the Yorukun, perhaps after my trip to the temple I might venture to their great lands. Stories tell of their rich history and they speak of a proud and ancient race. It is my hopes I might discover more from these people as well as see further what differentiates Tekorvans from the prevalent humans aside from their massive height.
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