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    Crusade Legion Special Rules

    Main Crusade Army List.

    What follows in this post is Legion-specific rules. Note that many special characters in each Legion are marked 'Traitor' or 'Loyalist', and have mechanics directly related to their Fluff (because Forge World knows what they're doing) and, as such, this author apologises for any spoilers for the Horus Heresy series of books. Many characters are also marked 'Praetor', this simply means that they have the Master of the Legion rule, and are limited to one per thousand points, and, may choose Rites of War.

    Sons of Horus
    You get Reserve Manipulation for free, which is nice. When you outnumber your opponent in Assault, you get more Attacks, because Horus taught his Legion to be bullies, and, lastly, the negative, you can't benefit from Allied Leadership values or Warlord Traits. That's fine. The Sons of Horus don't care about Allies anyway. Because of this 'negative' drawback, you'll want Pride of the Legion on your Praetor almost every time.

    Dreadclaw Drop Pod: Transport. Donít be fooled by the name. Itís not a Drop Pod. Itís a Flier. Itís a Dedicated Transport for Justaerin, Veterans, Seekers, Reavers and Command Squads. Hooray! Unfortunately, it does cost points, and is considerably harder to actually get than a normal Drop Pod, because Forge World. However, the point is, you can have 'Drop Pods' without having the Orbital Assault RoB.

    Justaerin: Elites. Theyíre Terminators. With Stubborn and Furious Charge. They also have the Ďnearly always Scoringí rule too just so you donít pass them up for regular Cataphractii every single time.

    Ezekyle Abaddon: Traitor. Praetor. Must be your Warlord. He has #2 from the Command Traits. Itís not great. Heís Fearless and any Terminator squad he joins - including Justaerin - can Deep Strike for free.

    Garviel Loken: Loyalist. Praetor. He has #1 from the Command Traits. He has I6 with a Paragon Blade which is kind of great. He does not have Artificer Armour. When he gets killed, he comes back on a 2+ (but only once).

    Reaver Attack Squad (II): Fast. Theyíre an Assault Squad that Outflanks. They may also take Boltguns to be Grey Hunters. However, they get Banestrike Shells, which, on 6s To Wound, are AP3 Boltguns. All models in the unit can make Precision Shots to make that AP3 really count. Harsh.

    Maloghurst the Twisted (II): Traitor. Praetor. He has #6 from Personal Traits (if you didnít already know, thatís the best Warlord Trait in the game). He has a Power Sword, Pistol and a Boltgun with Banestrike Shells. He makes Reavers and Veterans Troops. His statline isnít great, and, any unit he joins canít Run or Sweep. Sweeping doesn't matter because you should be Rapid Firing your Boltgun. So, yeah. He changes your army slots, and can take a Rite of War, and still comes in less than 150 Points. If you're not a fan of Abaddon and Terminators, you can't go far wrong with Maloghurst.

    The Black Reaving (II)
    Models that come onto Reserve that aren't Deep Striking (i.e; Reavers) have Fleet for that turn. But it's also good for objective grabbing in the last turn. Sons of Horus gain Rage when they Charge an opponent already in combat, and this counts towards outnumbering your opponent for even MOAR ATTACKS. Reavers may be Troops (so you don't actually need Maloghurst at all), and Justaerin can Deep Strike for free.

    However, you must take a Master of Signal as a second HQ (because the first is your Praetor to get the Rite in the first place, obviously). That's painfully annoying. Furthermore, your FOC changes to the following; 3+ Troops, 1-3 Fast Attack, 0-2 Heavy Support. You must always have more Fast than Heavy. That part is pretty painful, since the best Fast choice you have - Reavers - are more likely to be taken as Troops.

    World Eaters
    Once you Destroy or cause a unit to Fall Back in Assault, World Eaters gain Furious Charge. If World Eaters fail a Morale check (i.e; Lose a combat), they can RNG to gain Rage. Except that that's dumb. Book II gives World Eaters Rage all the time which fixes it. Sure, you need to buy a whole second book just to get the rule, but, at least the stupidity got fixed, right? Secondly, all Chainswords may be upgraded to Chainaxes. Chainaxes are AP5. Because that's so useful in the Heresy.

    Rampager Squads: Elites. Ignore Destroyer Squads. Take these instead. They have FNP and Scout. They can also have Jump Packs, too. If you donít give them Jump Packs, you can mount them in a Land Raider instead. Because Scouting ĎRaiders are really cool. All models in the unit are Characters. So, while you canít loadout with Plasma Pistols, you have a load of Precision Shots when you get into Assault.

    Shabran Daar: Loyalist. Master-Crafted Chainaxe. FNP. Rage. Hatred (Traitors) and he causes Fear (remember ATSNKF is not a thing). He can be given a Jump Pack for extra points. And, in a Challenge, all his attacks become Rending. Heís cheap, too. Probably because he doesn't count as a Praetor.

    The Red Butchers (II): Cataphractii Terminators with Power Axes. Fearless and Hatred (Everything) with a bit of FNP thrown in for good measure. They can re-roll their Charges. Unfortunately, they never Score. This is kind of painful since regular Cataphractii can Score.

    Kharn the Bloody (II): Traitor. Praetor. Must be your Warlord. Gives +1 to go first and Seize. He has an AP3 Rending weapon, which, for 20 Points over his base cost, you can upgrade to Gorechild, which is great. Unfortunately, he doesnít become a Perpetual until the Battle of Terra, so, thatís not a thing (yet). Kharn is brutal.

    Berzerker Assault (II)
    Gain Hatred (Everything) while outside your DZ, and you can re-roll your Pinning checks and certain Run moves. That's all the benefit you get for your Unique Rite. Kind of lame, right? But, just to show you how bad it really is, let's talk about the negatives anyway;
    FOC is 3+ Troops, now. No Fortifications. No Allies. Ouch.
    You can't have more Tank and Flier units than you do Infantry units.
    No Librarians.

    This Rite isn't even close to worth it. Any of the generic Rites are better, and they don't have downsides that cripple you.

    Emperor's Children
    You get Crusader and you must always issue and accept Challenges, if your Character loses, you have -1 Ld for that turn.

    Palantine Blade Squad: Elites. Theyíve got Charnabal Sabres, which they can trade for Power Swords. Theyíve got two attacks each and you can give them Jump Packs and everyone is a Character. As far as Legion Honour Guard go, Palantines are pretty good.

    Rylanor the Unyielding: Elite. Loyalist. Heís a Venerable Contemptor Dreadnought with a Kheres Assault Cannon - just the one? Aw. - and he counts as a Banner. Heís expensive. Especially when Terminators can Score for the same points cost.

    Captain Saul Tarvitz: Loyalist. Praetor. You'll never be as cool as him. He has #1 on the Personal Traits. He has a Sniper Rifle and a Charnabal Broadsword. Yes, an honest-to-goodness Broadsword. Heís cheap, which is a plus. But, whatís weird is that he has Preferred Enemy (Emperorís Children).

    Phoenix Terminator Squad (II): Elites. They have AP2/3 Power Spears which make them solid. They have higher Initiative when they Charge, too. They also count as winning by one if you draw combat. Not bad. However, they lack the Scoring rule which makes Terminators and Justaerin so phenomenally good.

    Lord Commander Eidolon (II): Traitor. Praetor. Must be your Warlord. He has a sucky Trait that sucks. He has a Thunder Hammer and an Arch Pistol. On a turn in which he Charges, he is I6 and his ĎHammer is not Unwieldy. He can be upgraded to have a Jump Pack, which should have been default. The downside of Eidolon (and playing Traitor), is that you don't have access to Tarvitz, who is cooler than you'll ever be. But, if you are playing Traitor, you get access to...

    Kakophoni (II): Elites. Traitor. They have 36Ē range S6, Gets Hot! guns. If take wounds from these guns, you then take a Leadership check with a negative modifier of how many Wounds were caused. If you fail the check (more than likely), take a further D6, AP2, Instant Death, Ignores Cover wounds. The Kakophoni will tear units apart.

    The Maru Skara (II)
    Get a tiny bonus to your Run and Charge moves on the first turn only. Then, choose 1-3 Elite and/or Fast Attack units in your army. These units gain Outflank, and you can choose which turn they arrive on (not Turn 1). Though you do have to write it down to prove you aren't cheating, or something. There has to be a downside though, right? Of course!
    No units can be Immobile, Heavy or Slow and Purposeful. That...Doesn't matter.
    You must take a Legion Champion. Ew. But they're the worst. Anything but a Champion would be better.
    No Fortifications. No Allies. Ouch.
    If you fail to Slay the Warlord, your opponent gains a VP. Giving your opponents free VPs is never, ever good.

    Still the tactical options open from Outflanking, guaranteed units is nothing to be sneezed at.

    Death Guard
    Immune to Fear (run at me, Primarch!), you can re-roll some Difficult Terrain checks, and you Sweep slower. Last, all your Template weapons can gain Shred and Gets Hot!. Shred actually does matter when all your opponents are 3+ Armour.

    Deathshroud Terminators: Terminators with Shredding/Hot Hand Flamers and Power Scythes. To make up for their relatively weak weapons, they can also take Melta Bombs. Importantly, they can Score!

    Section Leader Crysos Morturg: Loyalist. #3 in the Strategic Traits. Power Sword, Combi-Flamer, Infiltrate and Stubborn. Where it gets really good is that he has ML1 and knows Endurance from Biomancy. Unfortunately, not a Praetor, but he's expensive anyway because of Infiltrate and Psykery.

    Marshal Durak Rask: Traitor. Praetor. #5 from Command Traits. Really? Sweet. Heís also a Siegebreaker Consul, too. Which is the second-best one you can be! Not bad. Not bad at all. Somehow manages to be cheaper than Crysos, which doesn't make any sense.

    Grave Warden Terminator Squad (II): Heavy. Terminators with Power Fists, Grenade Launchers and a whole lot of Poison and Ignores Cover.

    Calas Typhon (II): Traitor. Praetor. Must be your Warlord and his Trait isn't that good. He has a Poison, Ignores Cover Orbital, but that's about it. Also, he has ML1 (Telepathy). He doesn't really hold a candle to other First Captains, but, he's not totally awful.

    The Reaping (II)
    Veterans and Heavy Support Squads may be taken as non-compulsory Troops. What is the point, then? All Death Guard gain Move Through Cover, and you gain Rad Grenades as a wargear choice. What's the downside?
    Models can't Run or go Flat Out.
    No Deep Striking.
    0-1 Fast Attack choice.

    Ignore this Rite of War. Take a generic one. The restrictions are painful, especially since you can't use the FOC swaps for Veterans/Heavies until you've already spent points on squads you may or may not even want. Remember though, Rites are completely optional.

    Iron Hands (Book II)
    You need to take a Ld test to Run, or to Sweep. That's really dumb. But, your huge bonus is that all Shooting Attacks are made at -1 Strength. You no longer get ID'd by S8, because it's S7. Boltguns are wounding you on 5s and then you get your saves anyway. It's an enormous bonus that makes all other Legions look terrible. However, with that said, how good are their unique units?

    Gorgon Terminator Squad: Elites. Terminators with Power Axes and FNP. If they make an Armour or Invulnerable save, one unit within 6" takes a Blind check. Do they Score? No? Okay. Regular Terminators it is.

    Medusan Immortals: Elites. Regular Marines with FNP and a terrible rule that, on a Leadership check, they can fire Snap Shots instead of Sweeping. You have to take a Leadership check anyway to Sweep. And, if you Sweep, you wipe out an entire unit with no rolls, no save. How is firing Snap Shots which will miss better than that? It isn't. Not even close. Ignore. Take a regular Tactical Squad that does exactly the same thing for less points. Or pick up Veterans that can take USRs.

    Spearhead-Centurion Castrmen Orth: Power Maul, Refractor Field and Tank Hunters. In addition, all Tanks in your army gain +1 Strength on their Ram rolls if he's your Warlord. Furthermore, he must be deployed inside a Tank that has Front Armour 13+, like Chronus, but with restrictions.

    Iron Father Autek Mor: Praetor. Must be your Warlord. He and another unit have Preferred Enemy. Therefore, do not deploy him in the same unit as you just gave your Preferred Enemy to. He's Fearless. He's got a Paragon Blade and Volkite Charger. So, he's not bad.

    Head of the Gorgon
    Gain Stubborn in your own DZ. Whatever. However, all models that can take Flamers, may take Graviton Guns instead, which is crazy. You can take an AdMech unit which is way better than your own and all vehicles with the Tank type, gain Outflank, which is awesome.
    0-1 Fast Attack choice. Probably to make up for everything having Outflank.
    The only Consul you can take is a Forge Lord, which is one of the worst Consuls. At least you're not forced into taking it like Emperor's Children.

    So, what's happening with Iron Hands; Their Legion rules are good. Their Legion units are not.

    Night Lords (Book II)
    When you outnumber your opponent in Assault, Night Lords gain +1 To Wound. That's kind of a big deal. You can turn a failed Pinning check into a failed Morale check, which is also huge because then you just regroup and continue as normal, and not being Pinned is optional, so if you're close to the board edge you can choose to be Pinned as normal. Everyone in the army has Night Vision which is amazing. But - and there's always a 'but' - if your army's Warlord is slain, every unit in your army takes a Morale check because Night Lords bail as soon as the guy in charge isn't around anymore.
    Night Lords' Terminators may Deep Strike for a minimal points investment.

    Terror Squad: Elites. Assault Squad-on-foot with extra attacks, Preferred Enemy (Infantry), Infiltrate and Fear. Remember, you're in 30K. Fear is kind of a big deal. These guys will take apart most units that aren't Terminators. At least, as far as you can take apart units with close combat weapons.

    Night Raptor Squad: Fast. Assault Squad that gains +D3 attacks when they Charge instead of the usual +1. That's it. You could have Bikes or a Storm Eagle in this slot. Or take a regular Assault Squad that Scores.

    Flaymaster Mawdrym Llansahai: An Apothecary who causes Fear and is Fearless. He can re-roll both FNP and LoS rolls. Unfortunately, he can never be your Warlord and so can't be taken on his own. He's also got a S3, AP3 close combat weapon that decapitates. He's not bad. But, you can't take him individually and that hurts.

    'Sevatar': Praetor. #3 on the Strategic Traits (bring those Terror Squads). When Terminators Deep Strike, Sevatar counts as a Teleport Homer. He has a Master-Crafted Chainglaive (S5, AP3, Rending) weapon, and he causes Instant Death when in a Challenge. He's also ML1 (Divination), and causes Fear, too. Just because he's actually that good.

    Terror Assault
    Night Fighting can last up to three turns. Oh wow.
    Several squads in your army may take Drop Pods as Transports. Yay!
    Your army must include 3+ Terror Squads. Terror Squads are Troops. Oh no. You have to take Infiltrating Scoring units that cause Fear. However will you cope with that restriction?
    No Fortifications. No Allies. Seems fairly standard.

    Night Lords are awesome. Full stop.

    Salamanders (Book II)
    Immune to Fear and can re-roll failed Morale checks. Flamers and Heavy Flamers gain +1 Strength. Said weapons used against Salamanders are at -1 Strength. Which doesn't matter, because 30K armies don't field Flamers. Also, Salamanders suck at Sweeping.

    Pyroclast Squad: Heavy Support. Marines with 2+ Armour and a 5++ against the weapons Salamanders are good at. They all have weapons that can be fired as Heavy Flamers or Inferno Pistols.

    Firedrake Terminator Squad: Elites. I don't understand why these guys are so expensive. Oh, they have two Wounds each. That explains it. 2 Wound models that Score. Nice.

    Cassian Dracos: HQ. He's an AV14 Dreadnought. He has a pair of weapons that work exactly like Bray'ath Ashmantle, he's Venerable with IWND. And, he's immune to Melta, Lance, Armourbane and Sunder, and he has an anti-horde attack which doesn't do a lot because it's 30K. He may only be your Warlord so long as there are no other HQ models in your army.

    Lord Chaplain Nomus Rhy'tan: Chaplain. #1 in Command Traits. His Power Maul is AP2, Armourbane. He also allows a Dreadnought Talon as an HQ choice. However, Dreadnoughts don't have Leadership values and therefore can't be Warlords. So, it's not as good as it sounds, especially if you're using both HQ slots and taking 0 Librarians.

    The Covenant of Fire
    All Vehicles gain a 5++ against Melta, Plasma, Volkite and Melta Bombs. Yes.
    All Melta weapons are Master-Crafted for free.
    Pyroclast Squads may be chosen as non-compulsory Troops. Sure.
    Gain Move Through Cover. Decent.

    No Deep Strikes allowed. Whatever.
    You can't take more Fast and Heavy units than you have Troops. (i.e; 3 Troops means you can have 1 Fast, 2 Heavy. 2 Fast, 1 Heavy. 0 Fast, 3 Heavy. etc). That kind of removes the min-maxing element of list building. Which may or may not hurt. But, Rites are optional.
    No Fortifications.

    Word Bearers (Book II)
    Roll 3d6 and pick the lowest for Morale checks. Re-roll some Sweep rolls.
    If you're allowed a second HQ, you must take a second HQ. It must be a Centurion or Chaplain. How does this work if your first HQ is already a Centurion/Chaplain? Do you still have to take the second HQ?
    Praetors, Diabolists, Centurions and Chaplains may be upgraded to ML1 (Biomancy/Telepathy). It's not great. But, you can always have Psychic Shriek at least.

    Diabolist: A special Consul type for the Word Bearers. Gain the Daemon rule, and Preferred Enemy (Loyalists). Neat.

    Gal Vorbak Dark Brethren: Elites. Daemon, Stubborn, Rage, Rending and Deep Strike. WS/S/T/I 5 which is huge. Except that you also have 2 Wounds each. Amazing. Remember that Daemons cause Fear.

    Ashen Circle: Fast. Assault Squad with Hand Flamers and S5 in Assault. No bad. Just unnecessary.

    High Chaplain Erebus: Praetor. Chaplain. #2 from Command Traits. Adamantium Will. Has the ML1 (Biomancy/Telepathy), and you can take Chaos Daemons as Battle Brothers. So, if you aren't a fan of the Dark Brethren (how is Preferred Enemy not something you want), you can always pick one of the generic Rites, and you still get Chaos Daemons. Can Erebus be used as the second HQ Chaplain?

    Kor Phaeron: Praetor. Must be your Warlord. All Word Bearers gain +1 Leadership. Lame. He has T3 and 4 Wonds. Toughness. 3. Just awful. He has ML1 (Biomancy/Telepathy) and you can take Daemons as Allies. Kor Phaeron is pretty bad. However, if you've bought him, Erebus comes in the same set, and is far better.

    The Dark Brethren
    All Word Bearers have Preferred Enemy (Loyalists)
    Choose one unit, roll a dice. Roll badly, all opposing units have Preferred Enemy against that unit. Roll well, and that unit has PF against all opposing units.
    Codex: Chaos Daemons as Battle Brothers... YEEESSS!
    All opposing Perils wounds now cause Instant Death... YEEESSS!

    Must take a Diabolist. Okay. Seems fair. And you need a Chaplain, and you need a Praetor to pick up the Rite. You're using all 3 HQ slots available to you.
    0-1 Heavy Support choice. Aw.
    No Fortifications. No Allies. That doesn't matter because you can choose Daemons as Allies.
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