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Kol Korran I really appreciate the work you have put into the game! I am about to run this Adventure Path in the coming weeks for my group and was looking for a thread that had a GM that changed some stuff around. You really seem to add a lot to the game, which I often find myself doing. However with a busy schedule it often times can be hard to find the time. Unlike you my group wishes to play once a week which can be overwhelming to a GM.

Either way I just wanted to say keep up the good work and please post as much as you can about your game. While I haven't started I will surely be using some of your ideas and suggestions for the game. I'm not as far as you and haven't read the second installment yet so I'm not a lot of help for you yet. However I hope to be.

Last thing, I didn't have a account for this website till reading your thread. I literally made one just to tell you I read your work and wished to read more!
Thanks BriceThe Red! That quite cheered me up! We're playing on next Saturday (Had problems scheduling a good time). And I think it will be a blast. Tomorrow I hope to have a tutoring session with Mad dog's player: Understanding the character sheet, the types of actions and possibilities, and how to work with the other team members. I want to build her confidence enough to dare more. I hope this will work. She's a cool player (If a bit bloodthirsty )

I intend to post a small crunch summary of the characters now they've reached 4th level. I don't have all the info from them right now, but will soon I hope. Harry's player is having some trouble choosing the extra feat, and his spells.

I have made quite a few plans for the Defender's Heart and Grey Garrison, mostly using the module, but with my own few additions. I changed the end to a large degree though, and I hope to see how they will respond to it. We might even take the campaign off the board and the adventure path, depending on a few choices they will make. If that goes, well... We'll roll with it.

Last thing, I'm going over all the threads concenring this campaign so far and adding the relevent tag words (See below the thread), in case anyone seeks to look at all the threads concerning this campaign. (As if this wasn't enough. ). And again, thanks for the encouragement. It's really nice to see others like this too!