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    Guide to the Crusade Legion Primarchs

    Crsuade Legion Army List
    Crusade Legion Special Rules

    Primarchs are Lords of War, that means they can only be fielded in games of 2000 Points or more, or Apocalypse (which is probably 2000+ Points anyway). That being said, I find it hard to judge them fairly since in 2000+ Point games you can probably find a way to remove a Primarch from the board if you try, and thatís not really the point of having a Primarch In all honesty, you're probably better off with a Super-Heavy of some kind.
    Still. It's THE HERESY. Why are you even playing if you aren't interested in the Primarchs? For Mechanicum? Quiet you.
    Universally, Primarchs have;
    Eternal Warrior, Fear, Adamantium Will, Fleet, Fearless, IWND and are also Masters of the Legion so you can always pick up your Rite of choice. Secondly, a Primarch must always be your Warlord - superseding 'First Captains' - but, does not remove your 1+ required HQ. Since they count as a Praetor, remember that you can only have one per thousand Points, which means you pick up a second Praetor if you want, but it's hardly necessary. I'd be picking up one of those cheap ML3 Divination guys since my Warlord slot is already spoken for.

    Couple of important things; Primarchs cause Fear and are Fearless in return. If you've read the other Guides, you should know that that's kind of good.
    Primarchs do not have the Legiones Astartes special rule, and thus do not benefit from Legion rules. Weird. But, RAW is law.

    Horus the Warmaster
    He can split his attacks between a S10 Thunder Hammer and S7 Lightning Claw. I donít see the point in ever using the S10 Unwieldy weapon since the Lightning Claw is high enough Strength at AP2 that +3S isnít really going to make a difference unless youíre against other Primarchs or need to Instant Death something. Since Horus is a bully, if he fights any unit/model with WS4 or less, he gains extra attacks. He and any Terminator Squad he joins can pick which turn they arrive from Deep Strike on, and they wont Scatter.

    When Horus is around, all Sons of Horus gain Outflank, +1Ld and can Seize on a 4+. Furthermore, Veterans and Justaerin count as Troops. So, yeah. Coming in at half a thousand points exactly, Horus is at least 50 Points over-costed. Presumably his points cost is because he basically gives you a 'free' Rite of War (Pride of the Legion), with none of the drawbacks, and then you can pick up another Rite anyway.

    The Primarch Angron
    Coming in at 100 points less than Horus, Angron has six attacks at I7, and can declare as many Challenges as he has attacks, thatís kind of cool, since heíll wipe out entire Command Squads and Veterans all by himself - which is what heís designed to do. He has Furious Charge and FNP, Hatred and also throws out a Fearless aura which is awesome. Unfortunately, he is the only Primarch with a 3+ save like a loser, which is made even worse by the fact that he has the least amount of Wounds (5), too! So, expect him to get shot at. He also gains extra attacks every time he kills an IC or kills a unit by himself. He carries a pair of non-Unwieldy Armourbane Axes. Also, in Book II, Kharn can be upgraded to carry Gorechild. This doesn't appear to have any effects on Angron. Basically, Angron is really good at killing things, which all Primarchs can do.

    Fulgrim the Illuminator
    For even less points than Angron, Fulgrim has lower WS than Angron (wrong!) but higher Initiative 8. Fulgrim must issue and accept Challenges against models with WS5 or better (although if you issue the Challenge, your opponent doesnít have to accept with the WS5+ model, which is lame). Emperorís Children also automatically get +2 to their combat res while Fulgrim is on the board. Fulgrim has a 3++ in Assault, and gains extra attacks for each point his Initiative is higher than his opponentís. Fulgrim can pick his Warlord Traits from the Strategic Traits. Thatís awesome. Also, Fulgrim re-rolls Reserves.
    Fulgrim carries the Laer Blade which is AP2, Rending.

    Mortarion the Reaper
    Mortarion is arguably the toughest Primarch in the game with a whopping T7 with 7 Wounds and re-rolls failed IWND. If Mortarion is around, all Death Guard are Stubborn, and Frag weapons actually become useful. Since Mortarion is a cheater, ghost, in the Shooting phase, he can move a fixed 10Ē, ignoring terrain and anything else. Which after he can Charge normally (remember that Primarchs are Fleet). Mortarion also ignores Difficult Terrain and Poison doesnít work against him. He has a Power Scythe which is standard, except has Instant Death and Sunder tacked on. He also carries his Lantern that is 18Ē, S8, AP2, but you donít care about that because Mortarion carries unlimited Phosphex Bombs. Because thatís fair. Because Mortarion ignores Dangerous Terrain, he can drop a Phosphex Bomb practically at his feet and then run straight into the Blast. Because...You know...Cheater.

    If you want to kill Mortarion, you need to FIRE EVERYTHING! at him. Heís T7 with 7 Wounds, 2+/4++ and re-rolls IWND. Good luck. Beware his 'rocket-jump' S7 Sweep Attacks.

    Ferrus Manus
    For more points than Mortarion, he has less attacks than all of his brothers at Initiative bad. But he has T7, 6 Wounds and 2+/3++. Heís Relentless and has Smash. Further, all Iron Hands have FNP (6+). All Iron Hands vehicles with at least one AV of 13+, gain IWND (so, not Rhinos). Ferrus has a 3++ with a bunch of the usual Servo-Harness guns. However, where he really shines is his AP1 Thunder Hammer that is not Unwieldy. However, since his Initiative isnít that good, expect Fulgrim to kill him anyway.

    If you want, Ferrus can enter the battle without Forgebreaker. He replaces this amazing weapon with...Nothing.

    Konrad Curze
    For less points than Ferrus, Konrad is a Jump Infantry (with Fleet) Primarch with Hit & Run. His statline is average, similar to Horusí. But, he has Night Vision, and can declare that the first turn of any game is automatically Night Fight, which is harsh (which coupled with the Night Lords' Rite is awesome). But, weíre not done. Every Night Lord now causes Fear. Remember that Legiones do not have ATSKNF, and thatís terrifying (pun unintended). Fear tests are also taken against Konrad at -3, and any unit that is wiped out by Konrad turns the game into WHFB, and all units within 12Ē of that unit also need to take a Morale check. Your gunline is broken. Go home.

    Curze has a pair of AP2 Lightning Claws, as well as Poison Throwing Stars that on Ď6í To Wound, ignore Armour and Invulnerable saves. Konrad ignores your force fields. Somehow. Must be a Batman thing.

    Costs the same as Mortarion, and has Initiative and attacks similar to Ferrus, as well as the same Toughness and Wounds. All Salamanders on the board have +1Ld and Adamantium Will (like that matters). Vulkan can re-roll IWND and has a 3++, making him putting him almost on par with Mortarion. He also wields his giant Hammer. Itís S10, AP1, Armourbane, Instant Death, and itís not even Unwieldy (take that Ferrus, Vulkan's hammer is better). Instead of attacking normally, Vulkan can put a small Blast marker in base contact with himself. Models hit take a S8, AP3, Strikedown hit. This is a lot better than Mortarion's Sweep Attacks. He also carries a S6, AP2 Beam weapon.

    Forge World apparently didnít get the memo about the plotline for Vulkan Lives in time for printing Book II, as such, no...That isn't in his rules.

    The grand pimp himself. All Word Bearers on the board are Leadership 10, all Word Bearers who can draw line of sight to Lorgar are immune to Fear and count as having a Banner. Lorgar is special. The Gods said so. Once per game, Lorgar can make an opposing unit re-roll all 5s and 6s To Hit and Wound Lorgar. Lorgar has a 2+/4++ and a 3++ against Psychic Powers that do damage (thatís WitchfireÖ). Lorgar also carries an AP2 Power Maul with Smash. However, Lorgar's statline isn't the best by a long a shot, but, that should be made up for by the fact that he's also one of the only Primarch-Psykers. However, that Power Maul is still hitting at S8 which means it will kill Marines dead.

    ďYou need to calm down little bro, I donít think you know what youíre doing.Ē - Magnus (paraphrased)
    One way to guarantee Lorgar will do something is tell him that heís wrong. Lorgar is an ML2 Psyker who rolls on the Telekinesis or Telepathy tables. In addition, when using Powers, he rolls 3D6 and picks the two highest. Heís going to Perils more than once.

    ...And then, just to spite you, heís going to excel at what you told him not to do. Lorgar Transfigured is an ML3 Psyker who picks his Powers from TK or TP - yes, I will have Gate of Infinity and Puppet Master every game, guarenteed. In addition, when using Powers, he rolls 3D6 and picks the two lowest, important to note, is that with this method, he will Perils just as much as before - except even moreso because he'll be casting more with ML3 - but, he pretty much always get his Powers off. Hopefully one of your Word Bearer underlings will have rolled something good on Biomancy.

    The sucky thing about Lorgar though, is that you can get ML3 Librarians for less than a third of his cost. But, Librarians don't come with Lorgar's statline or S8, AP2 Melee attacks.
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