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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    The session is tomorrow, and I'm working on some of it. I thought to put up a summary of the characters so far, crunch wise, after achieving 4th level, and receiving the rewards of the Hall of Heroes (+2 to a specific skill, +1 to a save, +5 hit points, and +1 feat). Hopefully you'll enjoy?

    Spoiler: Andrew McClain
    Race: Angelkin aasimar, celestial crusader race variant.
    Class: Paladin lvl 4. (Recent gained abilities- Channel energy, Spell casting 1st level)
    Hit points: 47 (Including the +5)
    Abilities: Str 16, Dex 16 (started with 15), Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 18

    Traits: Child of the crusades (Campaign), Demon slayer
    Feats: Two weapon fighting, Improved shield bash, Double slice.
    Main skills: Diplomacy (Added his bonus +2 here), nothing much of note with other skills.
    Bonus to save: +1 to will

    Main pieces of equipment:
    "Radiance" (Or whatever it will be called), breast plate, Spiked light shield, heavy mace +1, chakrams (As ranged weapons), potion of CMW, a few other minor potions.

    Andrew builds upon combining as many attacks as he can with his Smite evil ability, and healing himself and the party with his lay on hands, and now his channel energy. He is probably the best defended member of the party currently, and serves highly as Tank, along with Sena. Unlike Sena, he has the hit points to keep on standing (rolled quite well)

    Spoiler: Senataf Aberdeen
    Race: Aasimar, Scion of humanity race variant.
    Class: Paladin Cleric of Seranrea 4, Domains: Good, Heroism
    Hit points: 30 (Including the +5 hp bonus)
    Abilities: Str 16 (Started 15), Dex 13 , Con 10, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 16

    Traits: Touched by divinity (Campaign), Eyes and ears of the city
    Feats: Combat casting, selective channeling, Heavy armor proficiency (The bonus feat)
    Main skills: Perception (Added his bonus +2 here), Sense motive (We call him the radar), Diplomacy
    Bonus to save: +1 to reflex

    Main pieces of equipment: Scale mail, Heavy shield, +1 Morning star (Chief Sul's present), quite a lot of wands, scrolls, potions and alchemical items. He's the party's repository of expendable magical items.

    Sena Was debating between adding a level of fighter or continue with cleric. At the last moment he chose cleric, and used the bonus feat to take heavy armor proficiency, seeking to have as high an AC as he can have. He otherwise focus on having as many utility items as he can, in the forms of expendable magic items. He is a bit worried about playing the healer all the time, and not getting to do "cool stuff".

    Spoiler: Andera Kanchar
    Race: Human, Black.
    Class: Ninja 4, Scout Archetype. (Recent gained abilities: Vanishing trick, Sacred sneak attack trick, No trace, +2d6 Sneak attack)
    Hit points: 36 (Including the +5 bonus)
    Abilities: Str 10 , Dex 19 (Started 18) , Con 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 16

    Traits: Chance encounter (Campaign), some trait that grants +3 to flank instead of +2?
    Feats: Two weapons fighting, weapon finesse, Shadow strike, Blind fighting (The bonus feat)
    Main skills: Lots! (Skill monkey after all) Main ones are Acrobatics, stealth (He put his +2 bonus here), disable device, escape artist and diplomacy.
    Bonus to save: +1 to will.

    Main pieces of equipment: 2 Wakizashi (One of them +1), MW chain shirt, various potions (Including dust of darkness which he's edging to use), scrolls and alchemical stuff.

    Andera also fights two handed. His feats are aimed at enabling him to overcome concealment and such, that negate his Sneak attacks. Too bad his rolls really screw things up.

    Spoiler: Mad dog
    Race: half elf
    Class: Ranger 4 (Recent abilities: Favored enemy chaotic evil outsiders, two handed fighting style, desert favored terrain- for the Worldwound, Hunter's bond (Give half bonus to companions), Spell casting 1st level.
    Hit points: 44 (Including the +5 bonus)
    Abilities: Str 19 (Started 18), Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10

    Traits: Stolen Fury(Campaign), demon slayer.
    Feats: Skill focus survival (Half elf bonus), power attack, cleave (Combat style), finishing cleave, Intimidating prowess (The bonus feat).
    Main skills: Climb, intimidate, stealth (added the +2 here), survival and perception.
    Bonus to save: +1 to will.

    Main pieces of equipment: MW chain shirt, MW great sword, flail, Ranseur of the gargoyle, ring of climbing, ring of protection +1.

    Mad dog's player is coming into the game. She chose not to take an animal companion, since it complicates things for her, and she doesn't like always having to care for another weaker creature. Other than that- attack as many time as you can, as hard as you can. Against demons, using her great sword and power attack she comes to a nice +16 damage... not too shabby!

    Spoiler: Harry the pot
    Race: human
    Class: Wizard 4 (Bonded item, no familiar, evocation specialty, forbidden- enchantment and illusion)
    Hit points: 24 (Including the +5 bonus) Harry has the lowest hit points by far from the party.
    Abilities: Str 8, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 21 (Started 20), Wis 14, Cha 10

    Traits: Riftwarden orphan (Campaign), Classically schooled.
    Feats: Spell focus (Evocation), spell specialization (Magic missile), Scribe scroll (Bonus wizard), Spell penetration, dodge (the bonus feat)
    Main skills: All knowledge skills, Spell craft (Which he added the +2 bonus to)
    Bonus to save: +1 to Fort

    Main pieces of equipment: Wand of Magic missile 3rd level (13 charges), Wand of summon monster I CL 3rd, Arrow magnet, some potions and scrolls.

    Main spells: Mostly blasty ones. Mage armor, magic missile, burning hands, scorching ray, spontaneous immolation, shocking grasp, rope trick, resist energy, enlarge person.

    Harry's player is having trouble with the character, as mentioned before. He ended up taking the Dodge feat mostly because he found nothing else that appealing. I even said he might change his specialty, but he sticks to his siege catapults. He has trouble with his spells as well...

    Ok, I hope this will be a a bit of an appetizer. back to work!
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