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    Elsa & Sieghard

    Sieghard's hand felt rotten under her touch. She could feel the liquescent rot oozing between her fingers, carrying chunks of flesh with it. It made her want to gag - but when she snatched her hand back, Sieghard's hand looked whole.

    Sieghard woke to Elsa squeezing his hand.


    The field of marsh-lights stretched away for a mile or more. They were densest near the walls, glimmering softly under the water - except for the few that were moving. Those seemed to wander without direction, tracing slow, erratic paths through the marsh.

    Mannslieb broke through the fast-running clouds, and by its light Ludo saw a huge, hunchbacked silhouette pulling itself out of the water. Twice the height of a man, its gangly arms reached all the way to the ground. They seemed thin and wasted compared to its size; Ludo thought he caught a gleam of bone in the moonlight. Two of the greenish witch-lights burned like lantern flames in its shadowed face.

    For a while, it remained still - then it joined the smaller figures stumbling at random through the marsh.
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